Flea Markets in Paris

Flea Market: 20 best flea markets in France (2015 update)


A visit to a brocante (a french word for flea market) can be the highlight of a trip to France: a lively encounter with everyday French culture, an exciting way to spend a few hours, and a chance to pick up a unique souvenir or add to a collection.

Each year more than 15,000 flea markets and garage sales across the country, gathering crowds of fans and onlookers in search of a bargain, a rare item, a decorating idea or a souvenir.

We selected below 20 of our favorite flea markets, with a mind to diversity in location, price range and wares. But these are just a start. Enthusiasts may also wish to check out the top 7 largest periodic flea markets & antique fairs known as “vide-greniers” (basically, “emptying the attics”) that take place on a less frequent basis in communities across France.

Discover now our flea market listing and brocante directory of the best flea markets to visit in France! And don’t miss the chance afterwards to have a look at our ranking of the Top 15 Flea Markets in Europe You MUST Visit in 2015. Enjoy the reading!


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