Flea Markets of New York – Travel Guide

From museums and parks, to sightseeing tours and of course shopping, New York has a lot to offer. And whether you’re a visitor or a local in the Big Apple, craving for vintage clothes, antique knick-knacks and other hip accoutrements – all while on a budget – be advised that New York City’s flea markets are full of vintage and antique finds that would grace any home or wardrobe.

Our interactive travel guide features 20 pages of the best flea markets in Manhattan as well as more up-and-coming neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Williamsburg, to help you find everything from vintage furniture to nostalgic memorabilia, old books, accessories, clothing and retro decorative items. If you use a tablet (iOS/Android), you will enjoy from a more in-depth experience thanks to our integrated multimedia content.

Welcome to the flea markets of New York!

Sample screenshots from the “Flea Markets of New York” travel guide:

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