Lumenati CS1: Turn Your iPhone 6 into a Super 8mm Camera

If you (or your parents) used a Super 8mm camera in the 1960s & 1970s to immortalize family moments, this new accessory for the iPhone 6 should remind you something. This is simply because the Lumenati CS1 was inspired by this famous video camera, although the idea behind the project is not necessarily to recreate the visual quality of Super 8 mm films. Quite the contrary: The ambition of this retro object is instead to get the best of the iPhone 6, in order to create awesome videos.

The designers who worked on the CS1 Lumenati, borrowed the most visual features of the Super 8 mm camera, and poured them into their own design: a cubic shaped device, a big red button to start/stop recording and even a slot to load the iPhone which will remind you the reels from the Super 8mm era. The result is a case which improves the grip of the phone while filming, with a large handle that will help stabilize the whole device.


There are no electronics in this unit, but only a clever set of mirrors that convey the light from an interchangeable optical-quality glass lensing system at the front, to the iPhone’s camera sensor. The viewfinder located on the back of the device, is also powered by a mirror, and displays a miniature version of the scene being recorded live by the phone. The iPhone is protected at all time from shocks, and benefits from a better optic which allows to zoom in or make macros – which is more limited with the iPhone 6 alone.

The Lumenati CS1 is currently being funded on Kickstarter – with $ 125,500 pledged as of today, it has exceeded its original $75,000 goal! So you can pre-order your own a copy. The Lumenati CS1 starts at $200 a pop (postage included) for the basic version which includes 1x black CS1, .45 wide angle lens and a luminati lens wipe. Expect to pay $275 for the full version with all the accessories: 1x black CS1, .45 wide angle lens, 2x telephoto lens, sport handle, wrist handle and a luminati lens wipe.

The CS1 Lumenati is available in black or white, and deliveries should start around February 2016.


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