Flea markets in Budapest (Hungary)

Erzsébet tér Flea Market  ** DISCONTINUED **

Unlike the Ecseri Flea Market, the Erzsébet tér near Deák Ferenc tér Flea Market is quite central. This flea market takes place every last Sunday of the month, near the Akvárium Klub which is a cultural hub. Eventhough it is smaller than the Ecseri Flea Market, it has a lot of nice stuff to offer. You should need at least one hour to see every booth.

If you are already familiar with the Ecseri Flea Market, you will notice that the Erzsébet tér Flea Market has less Antique furniture and paintings to offer; but there is everything else which is typical for flea markets, especially vinyls, vintage clothing, retro cameras, old kitchen appliances, modern electronics, retro industrial design from the 1950s, old & new jewelery.  

So it is not only a market with old stuff. But above all, what makes this flea market attractive is its central location (particularly useful if you’re planning to stay just a few days in the Magyar capital, which has already a lot to offer in terms of monuments & culture). Actually, some people tend to like the Erzsébet tér Flea Market a bit more than the Ecseri Flea Market, as it is a bit less crowded & more affordable for certain things.

Where: Erzsébet tér 1051 Budapest
When: every last Sunday/month: 08:00-?