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Flea Market Insiders is run by vintage & antiques enthusiasts who enjoy discovering the world’s best flea markets and antique shops. Our mission is to help our readers find flea markets that are actually worth their time, where they can find true gems, instead of mass-produced fake items.

What was started as a passion project by Nicolas Martin in 2010, has quickly become an acclaimed online reference for vintage and antiques shopping. Our blog helps travellers to discover the best flea markets all around the world, provides shopping tips and inspiring home decor ideas. In 2017, we also launched Fleamapket, an interactive, web-based app, featuring reviews of the world’s 300 best flea markets. We are particularly proud of Fleamapket’s flea market calendar, which we created for our premium subscribers. We also regularly share news with over 5,000 newsletter readers – sign up here!

Nicolas, born and raised in France, is an expert on French flea markets and antiques. He loves to decorate his home with unusual vintage objects. His wife disagrees, but he is convinced that one can never own too many antique and vintage chairs, right?

Although Paris is still his go-to place to find antique treasures, Nicolas is now based in Vienna, Austria, where he runs Flea Market Insiders. The website would not be what it is today without the help of a number of early supporters:

  • His wife Kristina is running the family business together with Nicolas. She loves to discover flea markets in unusual places, like Uzbekistan, and foodie flea markets make her heart beat faster. Despite her reservations about Nicolas’ rapidly expanding collection, she has not yet banned him from visiting flea markets.
  • Ashley Miller is a true dyed-in-the-wool flea market enthusiast and an early supporter who loves to visit world-renowned flea markets. She is not afraid to dig for treasures in dusty boxes full of spider webs.
  • Countless local flea market enthusiasts make Flea Market Insiders possible. They contribute their local expertise to our articles and help our readers discover flea markets off the beaten track.

The initial idea behind launching fleamarketinsiders.com was to show the world that it is not always necessary to spend a fortune on new items when you can find amazing things at flea markets that might otherwise get disposed of. We like to think that Flea Market Insiders helps its readers to live a more sustainable lifestyle, where old objects get repurposed & upcycled instead of thrown away.

Naturally, we have plenty of flea market shopping tips to share, but the most important advice we have, is this:

“Remember, that the most valuable items are not those that you think will be valuable for resale. The really priceless things are the objects you personally love.“

Of course, there are hundreds of haggling tips and advice such as “arrive before sunrise”, but the truth is that it actually takes not that much to become a successful treasure hunter. All you need is good spirits, a minimum dose of fantasy, charm and a little bit of perseverance. Your eyes will sharpen over time and before you realize it, your home will be full of fabulous finds.

Have fun!
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  1. Troy Price

    I noticed you just started to follow me on twitter. I love your website. Do you mind if I review your website on my podcast, ‘The Flea Market Money Maker Radio Show’? I think the internet offers a good amount of opportunity for Flea Market Vendors and want to share your website with vendors. Your obvious excitment and interest in browsing flea markets would offer encouragement to others. Let me know if this is OK with you?

    Troy Price
    Frankfort, Kentucky

    • Nicolas Martin

      Hi Troy! We really appreciated your review and we have the feeling that you totally understood the spirit of Flea Market Insiders in your podcast. I can tell you that an article about us made by someone else (even in a major newspaper!) could not have made us happier!
      Do you mind if we feature it in an upcoming post on our blog and put the source? It would be great!
      Thanks again for the great review on the Flea Market Money Maker show!

  2. Tomphot

    Hello – you have the Lille 2013 market listed as 7 Sept 2013 – many other sites and judging by hotel rates, it appears that the the market will start 30 Aug 2013.
    Can you clarify.

    • Hi Tomphot – Indeed, my mistake! The Braderie de Lille 2013 will start on Saturday 30 Aug 2013 (2.00pm), and will last until Sunday September 1st (11.00pm). Thanks again for highlighting this :)

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