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Top 15 Flea Markets In Europe You Must Visit In 2020


If you are planning a trip to Europe in 2020, we have a few ideas for new things to do, apart from visiting monuments, touring museums and savouring the local food. For instance, how about dropping by at one (or several) of the best flea market(s) in Europe? France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain are among the most antiques-aware and flea market friendly locations in the world.

One of the great things about antique shopping in Europe is that its railway network (Thalys, Eurostar, TGV, DB) is one of the most modern and best connected worldwide; you can thus for instance land in London to shop at the Portobello Road flea market or at the Brick Lane flea market (DAY 1), grab the Eurostar to Paris and visit les Puces de Clignancourt and the Vanves flea market (DAY 2), and then take the TGV to Lille (DAY 3), Brussels (DAY 3) and then reach Amsterdam (DAY 4). If you’d like to explore Europe’s capitals in depth, then stay for a long weekend and get inspired by our 3-day antique shopping itineraries. But enough of the logistics – let’s have a look at the 15 best flea markets in Europe to visit in 2020.

Best Flea Markets Europe 2020

The list above is in random order, as every flea market has its own, distinct character and choice of merchandise. Some flea markets we chose for 2020 are mega flea markets, held only once or twice a year, others are weekly flea markets in capital cities. We also could not help but include a few markets off the beaten track, in rural areas in the south of France and Italy. What better way to explore Europe than by visiting its flea markets!

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We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below. Is there anything we forgot to include in this flea market listing/ranking? Please share your advice and experience with us. Happy reading!


  1. Richard

    Amsterdam 350 exhibitors??? Whole streets are full of stuff.. I would say more then 3500 exhibitors.. Lots of crap.. but the whole innercity is a market

    • Hi Richard – Thanks for sharing your input. I’ve personnaly never been to the Vrijmarkt yet (I’ve done though some massive flea markets like Munich’s giant flea market for instance, or la Grande Braderie de Lille), and many other sources seem to agree on the 350 exhibitors; but I guess you’re right to say that it might be closer to 3500 exhibitors (all the more so as the Dutch government permits sales on the street without a permit and without the payment of value added tax). I’ll update the post with your info. Thanks again! More info:

  2. asmaliana

    Malaysia also have many flea market in every district in everyday rotation. But here more famous on food and clothing / fabric

  3. jane

    hi there,
    my name is jane from kenya and would like to know how i can import goods from germany flea markets, like used utensils,wall charts antiques etc. kindly let me know.thanks.

  4. antique hunter

    I have been struggling to find information about the antiques fair at Lake maggiore. I can’t find any information about Borgo D’Ale there. Does anyone have any information?

  5. Seeyen

    Hi All, Italy has many wonderful Flea Markets. The one in the Square of Aviano (45 mins north of Venice at the base of the Dolomites) is the first Sunday of the month and features about 200 vendors. There is a wonderful vendor that normally sells at the front of the church steps who has a shop in Asolo (about an hour and a half west) that could best be described as “American Pickers” heaven. I have found everything from Green antique Coca Cola bottles (Italian) there, to book shelves, farm equip, glass wine containers, a neat late 1800’s rusted out lantern, an Italian View Finder, a magnificent desk (for 50 euro…). Asolo Ogetti D’Arte SRL. As an aside…he didn’t ask me to do this…but if I don’t share this gem, I would be remiss.

    • Hi Seeyen,

      Thanks for sharing your insider tips! I’m pretty sure it will come handy to flea market lovers who plan a “thrifting trip” to Italy/Venezzia :) I think Pordenone also has a big market on Wed and Sat, Spilimbergo on Saturdays and Maniago on Monday.

  6. Fleamarket resident...

    Once in Amsterdam you MUST go to the IJ-hallen Flea market. Every first weekend (SA&SU) at Amsterdam NDSM-werf. (there goes a free ferry from Central station)

    +/- 750 exhibitors each time. In summer even more side-outs.

  7. Mark Robins

    i am looking for markets where i can sell dutch flower bulbs. I am located in East Austria and can travel . Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  8. sue

    Hi We re looking for a nice big brocante in Northern France or Belgium for January or february….Can anyone help with that???

  9. Anna

    Hello, thanks for a great website and recommendations – of all the flea markets in Europe, are there any that are particularly good for furniture pieces? French, Bavarian, Scandinavian, Belgian, etc?
    Desks, antique wooden tables, cupboards, chest of drawers, apothecary cupboards, chairs? In London there is the Sunbury Antique fair which is to recommend, specifically for finding large pieces of furniture.

    • Hi Anna, thanks for stopping by! If you’re looking specifically for good furniture pieces in Europe, you might indeed find interesting items on major markets like France, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, and Belgium/Netherlands. But it all depends on what you are looking for. Without strictly categorizing each country, we could generally say that Germany/Bavaria/Austria are famous for the relatively high quantity of hand painted wooden furniture that were produced in the 18th/19th/20th century, and pretty easy to find (Biedermeier furniture are also pretty widespread in Austria/Bavaria). Denmark leads the Scandinavia group with its eponymous relatively modern furniture (1950s-1970s), while a few Finnish designers like Alvar Aalto and Eero Saarinen strongly influenced the industry with their modern creation& production process. Belgium, the Netherlands and France are well known for the massive quantity of industrial design furniture that were produced there.

      Once again we do not mean to strictly categorize each country. However, these are trends that have been more less identified as such.

      Also, don’t overlook antiques fairs; because they attract professional dealers and a lot of visitors, you will be able to find quality pieces of furniture there. Sure, they might come at a price, but you’ll also be able to haggle, particularly on “unsold” items on the very last day of the fair. One fair I would strongly recommend is the “Munich Giant Flea Market (located on the Riesen-Flohmarkt Theresienwiese) that will take place on Saturday April 18th, 2015: It’s literally “massive” with more than 2,000 booth and 80,000 visitors.

  10. Hi, great post! I am looking to buy mainly vintage and secondhand clothing. From your post, it looks as though this flea market primarily sells furniture and antiques. Would you recommend going here for clothing? Thanks!

      • Hi,
        Sorry, I was probably a bit ambiguous. I am currently living in Berlin and find really great vintage/ secondhand pieces at Mauerpark Market and Neukölln Flowmarkt on Sundays. I’m looking to do a buying trip to Paris next month and check out a couple flea markets. I have an online boutique and love traveling and finding great 70s,80s and 90s pieces from flea markets. Any suggestions for the best ones for clothes in Paris would be so helpful. Thank you

  11. FloridaCharlie

    I have been to the Brussels and Tongeren flea/antique markets more than. I would say that the Tongeren market is the better by far for variety, size and willingness to deal.

  12. FloridaCharlie

    We have been to the Paris, Brussels and Tongeren flea/antique markets more than once. I would say that the Tongeren market is the better by far for variety, size and willingness to deal.

  13. nic

    hi guys, i am vintage clothing buyer are there any good markets not in holland i should check out and what days are they ? thanks in advance

  14. yasemen sagnak

    Hi, please inform which flea markets and antique fairs are good to find cheap and various of porcelains.. Thanks in advance. Brgds..

  15. at the moment i believe that car parking resurfacing is going on at waterloos making it difficult to park and less stallholders going as not guaranteed a place
    also at la bastions froyennes i dont know if thats on either as they were also having work done on the car parks
    i enjoyed reading your site and comments but note there are no contact telephone numbers and when one is making the trip to stand or buy ican be a long way for nothing

  16. S Lopez

    Hi – So happy to have found your site – great information!!

    I’m from California. Do you have any advice if I find something large- what’s the best way to ship something back to the US?

  17. Natalie


    Could you please confirm the day and date in April for Vrijmarkt in Amsterdam.

    In the section ‘Best flea markets in 2018’ the Vrijmarkt is on Wednesday, 27 April 2018. I believe it is a genuine mistake.

    Wednesday is 25 April and Friday is 27 April 2018.

    Thank you

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Natalia,

      Thanks for your email! The Vrijmarkt 2018 will take place on Friday 27 April. The Vrijmarkt takes place every year on the 27th of April, for King’s Day (Koningsdag). Thanks for highlighting the typo!

  18. Keesean R Moore


    I’m interested in the Arezzo flea market. Do you know if there are a lot of clothing vendors at this market? I’m mostly looking for clothing.


  19. saarah


    My name is sarahand I am looking to import fashionable ladies clothing from somewhere in Europe that I can resell.

    Could you kindly recommend which city would be the best?

    Thank you

  20. Hi there
    Thanks for the wonderful information.
    Am a fashion designer from southafrica
    That would like to sell my products on one of the big flea markets that perhaps happens once or twice a year.
    Would you please advise me on which ones are the best.

  21. Rome, Italy has every single Sunday the street fair of Porta Portese which happens in Porta Portese, Trastevere.
    It is a huge fair that spreads for several streets.
    There you can found several antiques and collectibles as stamps, banknotes and coins.

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