spiegelstraat Amsterdam
spiegelstraat Amsterdam

Flea Markets in Amsterdam


If you added Amsterdam to your “must-do-flea markets list”, or if you are a local looking for a “more affordable” way (I won’t say “cheap”…) to furnish your home, then you will be glad to know that Amsterdam, beside hosting some of the most interesting vintage & design shops we were given to see in Europe and in the US (there are so many of them everywhere – don’t miss to read our review “Vintage, Design and Flea Markets: A 3 days shopping tour in Amsterdam”), has at least one great flea market worth the trip.

Those of you who are familiar with Amsterdam, already know that its most renowned (not the best though) flea market is on the Waterlooplein six days a week. And you also know that the variety of stalls almost defies definition: there is literally everything from spray paint and bicycle parts to vintage clothes and pillowcases. So you’ve been warned; unless you get lucky, you won’t find there that hidden gem we’re all looking for.

As a matter of facts, if you consider yourself a serious treasure hunters, then you should definitely head over to the IJ-Hallen in Noord, as this monthly event is the LARGEST flea market in the Netherlands. And one of the largest in Europe.

So enough with this introduction, and let’s now dive into the heart of the matter: Flea Markets in Amsterdam.

Note: if you have already read our review Vintage, Design and Flea Markets: A 3 days shopping tour in Amsterdam, there is not much additional information you will get from this article; we thought it would be convenient to keep in one article, all the reviews we have already published over time about Amsterdam’s flea markets.