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Best Options for Online Antique Appraisals

Collectors not only want to know how much an antique costs, but how much it’s worth. Online antique appraisals are convenient sources of information. Stories circulate about lucky buyers who paid next to nothing for valuable antiques. Doing your homework helps you get a fair price. Online valuations provide useful feedback on quality and resale potential. But appraisals can also secure insurance and satisfy curiosity. Whatever the goal, investing some time and money can pay off.

From expert services to informed opinions, discover 4 of the best options for online antique appraisals.


JustAnswer: Professional Options for Online Antique Appraisal

Many certified antique appraisers are accessible from websites such as JustAnswer. Experts are available around the clock for online and phone consultations. Feedback is specialized too. From antique furniture appraisal and painting appraisal to rare book and jewelry appraisal – there’s a category of services to fit your needs. Although some online companies require a subscription, JustAnswer and others charge only per each direct request. Along with clear photos, send item descriptions and any known history. Plus, share signatures, special markings, and manufacturer name when possible. You can start using the service by simply typing your question in the interactive chat in the sidebar on the right.

Antique appraisal apps

Appraise It Yourself by Antiques Roadshow
Appraise It Yourself by Antiques Roadshow

Pull up appraisal apps on mobile devices. Apps like Go Canvas and WorthPoint are tools for both qualified appraisers and individual collectors. Grab details on the go when buying or selling at flea markets and yard sales. Features of these apps include quick valuation, picture upload, and up-to-date market value reports. Access to online applications may be through subscription only. But once signed in, you gain a virtual world of reference and antique industry news. Even test personal skills with “Appraise It Yourself,” an Antiques Roadshow play-along game.

Online marketplaces and auctions

Chat With Groups For Antique Appraisals © Make Use Of
Chat With Groups For Antique Appraisals © Make Use Of

Compare similar pieces in similar conditions. Searching online antique marketplaces such as eBay can provide ballpark figures on retail value. For the best estimate, browse “completed sales” instead of open listings. Home to 2,500 active shop owners selling over 15 million products, Ruby Lane is another reliable marketplace that can help you get an idea of how much antiques and vintage collectibles are worth on the market. Another site to reference is, for instance, Etsy that has a “Certified Appraisals” inventory. Online auctions are also great places for comparison. Many flea market vendors buy their merchandise from online auctions. As such, final bids can set realistic expectations about your own antiques. There are additional benefits too. Tracking offers keeps you in the loop on ups and downs in antique trends.  

Free online antique appraisal

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace

Social media is a source for free, non-professional opinions. For example, Instagram and Facebook groups connect thousands of enthusiasts who love talking antiques. While vendors are not necessarily certified appraisers, their experience brings marketplace insights. They often know what an antique is worth, but they’re very aware of what it goes for. And it’s okay to be cautious. Opinions vary, particularly if someone is interested in purchasing your antiques for resale. Verified appraisers, however, should not offer to buy a piece they’re hired to evaluate.


  1. Wow, I never knew that there are online appraisal applications that can quickly evaluate and can provide up-to-date market value reports that can be accessed easily. I’m thinking of selling my sister’s antique artworks to raise funds for her medical treatment. Moreover, looking for an online appraisal is a good way to check the estimated pricing cost or ballpark figure value of certain art.

  2. Robin

    Hello Tammie,
    Hoping your sister is doing well, as well as yourself.
    If I can offer any valuations, please feel free to reach out to me to proceed accordingly.

    Robin AIA, PACC Certified Appraiser

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