Foire à la brocante des Quinconces Bordeaux © 16
Foire à la brocante des Quinconces Bordeaux ©

17 Summer Flea Markets And Antique Shows You Should Visit In Europe (2024 update)

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Summer flea markets in Europe emanate a unique, inspiring vibe. In summer, even antique markets have the light-hearted atmosphere of a summer festival. At the same time, they provide a unique look into the history and society of the place. While some of the weekly flea markets in Europe may slow down a little in August, huge flea market extravaganzas and antique fairs pop up. These exciting occasions often gather an incredible number of vendors at the fairgrounds, selling show-stopping European antiques and other curiosities.

We have tapped into our flea market expertise and put together a list of the best flea markets in Europe to visit this summer:

Puces de la Grange Rouge (La Chapelle-Naude, France)

The Puces de la Grange Rouge welcome three times a year between 800 and 900 exhibitors who spread their stalls over 5 hectares of meadows and orchards. More than 12,000 visitors come to each edition of this highly anticipated event in the region and beyond the borders of France. And for good reason: there are many typical flea market items, as well as beautiful vintage objects and many typical French antiques.

There is truly something for everyone at the Puces de la Grange Rouge. Antique furniture, antique farm equipment and gardening tools, antique dishes, glassware, vintage toys, comic books, collectibles, some just plain fun, used books, vintage clothing, lamps, ornaments of all shapes and sizes and much more.

When: 1st Sunday in July, August, and September: 05:00 – 17:00
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Auer Dult (Munich, Germany)

The Auer Dult flea market with its 300 stalls is one of the biggest antique markets in Munich together with the extravagant Münchner Flohmarkt auf der Theresienwiese. It is a unique place where you can search for rarities and curiosities from the past. The Auer Dult welcomes 300,000 visitors three times a year, and this flea market is now considered one of the largest antique markets in Europe.

With such a large selection at the Auer Dult, it is obvious that visitors come again and again during the 9 day fair which is usually held on the last Saturday in April & July, and the 3rd Saturday in October. It’s the only way to make sure you’ve looked at all the antiques and curiosities available! Visitors will find rare books, haberdashery, dishes, silverware, glassware, kitchenware, vintage designer furniture, traditional German beer mugs, antique prints, household items, ornaments, toys, stamps, coins, war memorabilia and much more. Of course, you can also find the traditional Bavarian Lederhosen for the gentlemen and dirndl for the ladies. All in all, the Auer Dult is an event not to be missed if you are visiting Munich this summer or fall.

When: 3 times a year on the last Saturday in April & July, and the 3rd Saturday in October (9-days fair): 10:00 – 20:00
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Brugge Zandfeesten (Bruges, Belgium)

1 Zandfeesten Brugge 003
Zandfeesten Brugge by City of Brugge

Brugge Zandfeesten is one of the largest antiques and second-hand market in Flanders. It attracts hundreds of vendors, and thousands of bargain-hunters from Belgium and its neighboring countries. The flea market event only takes place on three Sundays a year: during the warm summer months of July and August, as well as in late September.

The overall venue of Zandfeesten spreads over 3 miles (5 km): from Het Zand to Beursplein and the adjacent Koning Albertpark. Because the flea market takes place only three days a year, Brugge Zandfeesten turns the quaint town of Bruges into a shopping destination like no other.

When: one Sunday in July, August, and September
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Brocante de Grandvilliers (France)

The Grandvilliers Brocante is one of the most anticipated events of the year in France. With over 1,000 vendors, this event has been a collector’s dream and bargain hunter’s paradise since the 1990s. The Brocante de Grandvilliers is such an important event in this region of northern France that visitors come from all over the country and even beyond (Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany). It is an event well marked in the calendars of all those who like to rummage in a brocante, or who like to collect antique and vintage items, or simply unique curiosities.

The Brocante de Grandvilliers can accommodate over a thousand vendors, making it one of the largest flea markets in the country. It is truly a sight to behold, as the vendors literally fill the streets of the town and beyond. With so many vendors, there is definitely a little bit of everything to be found at the Grandvilliers Brocante.

When: Once a year on the 1st or 2nd Sunday in July: 05:00 – 20:00 (forthcoming events)
Next dates: Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Gran Balon Flea Market (Turin, Italy)

Gran Balon flea market photo by Balon del Sabato
Gran Balon flea market photo by Balon del Sabato

The sprawling Balon del Sabato is among Europe’s largest open-air markets. With its 1,000 merchants and 700 street vendors it is a commercial hub attracting a crowd of browsers, collectors, and tourists. Once a month, the surrounding streets of Porta Palazzo get even more packed, when antique dealers display the very best antiques they have to offer for the Gran Balon. A true flea market extravaganza, the monthly Gran Balon makes a visit to this noisy and inspiring market even more interesting.

When: weekly Sunday market (Gran Balon on one Sunday each month)
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Foire aux puces d’Aillant-sur-Tholon (Aillant Sur Tholon, France)

One weekend a year, the Aillant-sur-Tholon Flea Market brings together more than 650 vendors and thousands of enthusiasts and collectors from France and abroad in a picturesque Burgundy town. The flea market covers an area of 7 km, which means that it is almost impossible to see the wares of every vendor, even if you have a full weekend ahead of you. Visitors come from all over France to visit the fair, but also from Italy, Germany, Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands.

The variety of goods sold at the Aillant-sur-Tholon Flea Market is amazing. There is antique furniture, old bicycles, antique cameras, comic book collections, old newspapers, antique toys and pull-out pictures, record players, typewriters, clothing, jewelry, kitchen utensils, dishes, antique farm and gardening equipment, boxes, antique mirrors, artwork and much more. Visitors are spoiled for choice, and collectors may well be too!

If you’re planning on spending a week road tripping in Burgundy in August, you can kill two birds with one stone and visit the Bricabrac de Mézilles (500 vendors) which takes place exactly a week after the Foire aux puces d’Aillant-sur-Tholon.

When: First Sunday in August: 07:00 – 17:00 (the Bricabrac de Mézille takes place on the second weekend of August: Saturday: 09:00 – 23:00 | Sunday: 09:00 – 18:00)
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Frederiksberg Loppetorv (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Frederiksberg Loppetorv Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted
Frederiksberg Loppetorv Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted

In the warm months of spring and summer, Copenhagen transforms into one of Europe’s best spots to shop for vintage. There are several interesting flea markets in Copenhagen. One of them is the weekly Frederiksberg Loppetorv, which is held from early April to mid-October. It is one of the largest and busiest flea markets in Copenhagen, held in a parking lot next to the Frederiksberg City Hall.

Enjoy a Danish hotdog and a pint of “Gammel Dansk” bitters while you take a stroll around the market. Frederiksberg flea market features over 90 stalls which offer almost everything you can wish for. There is Danish fashion and second-hand clothes, antique furniture, antique crockery, Danish design decor items, design lamps, ceramics and more. Due to the upscale nature of the neighborhood, items sold at Frederiksberg Loppetorv flea market tend to be of high quality, making it a good bet to find great and useful stuff at reasonable prices.

When: Every Saturday: 09:00 – 15:00 (April to mid-October)
More information:
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Ardingly International Antiques & Collectors Fair (Ardingly, UK)

Ardingly International Antiques
Ardingly International Antiques & Collectors Fair – photo by IACF

The Ardingly International Antiques and Collectors Fair has a reputation as one of the UK antique fairs where quality European decorative items can be found. The antique fair features over 1,700 stallholders with a great selection of goods, ranging from fine antique furniture to delicate ceramics.

Because it is located only one hour away from London, Ardingly Antiques Fair is a truly cosmopolitan antique event. It is a hot spot for local and international dealers and buyers who come from afar to look for unusual bits of furniture or quirky accent pieces.

With a combination of inside and outdoor stands, this mid-week fair is the perfect opportunity to indulge in a little vintage shopping or hours of professional trading this summer.

When: once a month, Tuesday through Wednesday
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Ciney Expo Flea Market and Antique Fair (Ciney, Belgium)

Ciney Puces et Salon des Antiquaires 23
Ciney Puces et Salon des Antiquaires

One of the largest flea market and antique fairs in Belgium, Ciney Puces et Salon des Antiquaires showcases more than 700 exhibitors from Belgium, France, Germany, Holland or even Italy. The Ciney Expo Antique Fair is held only twice a year over three days each and welcomes over 15,000 visitors.

Ciney Puces et Salon des Antiquaires is famous because of its unique concept of unpacking at the back of the truck: on the first day of the fair, over 500 trucks gather on Ciney Expo’s car park. At 2 pm sharp, the gates of the fairgrounds open to visitors, who then rush as fast as possible to the trucks in search of rare and unusual objects. This is really a must-do if you attend the fair!

When: 3 days, end of July (Friday – Sunday)
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Vlooienmarkt IJ-Hallen (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Vlooienmarkt IJ Hallen photo by
Vlooienmarkt IJ Hallen photo by

One of Europe’s largest monthly indoor flea market, Amsterdam’s Vlooienmarkt IJ-Hallen is a sprawling indoor and outdoor market. Luckily, the indoor market is protected from Amsterdam‘s unpredictable rain showers. In the warm season, the number of vendors grows from 500 to 750 vendors, most of them setting up their stalls in the outdoor area between the former shipyards.

The IJ-Hallen flea market is a prime destination for die-hard second-hand shoppers from all over Europe and beyond. Vendors at IJ-Hallen sell antiques, vintage furniture and home decor, vintage fashion, interior design, jewelry, books, vintage pull-down charts, kitchenalia, and just about anything else you can think of.

When: once a month on Saturday and Sunday (usually mid-month)
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Bleší Trhy Praha Vysočany – former Kolbenova Flea Market (Prague, Czech Republic)

blesi trhy praha
(c) Blesi Trhy Praha

Prague is a magnet for tourists from all over the world, boasting one of Europe’s most beautiful historic city centers. However, the narrow cobblestone alleys can sometimes feel overcrowded. That is the moment to head out to Bleší Trhy Praha (Vysočany). A visit of the largest flea market in the Czech Republic (formerly Kolbenova flea market), will take you off the beaten track, with the potential to find hidden treasures. The weekly flea market takes place every weekend in Prague’s Vysočany district. It can be easily reached within 20 minutes from the city center via public transportation.

When visiting Bleší Trhy Praha, do not expect a carefully curated antique market. This is a flea market for shoppers who are willing to get their hands dirty to uncover treasures. The market is fairly huge and its 650 vendors sell everything you could possibly imagine – from used electronics to vintage clothing, historic artifacts and antique furniture.

When: Every Saturday and Sunday
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Lincolnshire International Antiques and Home Show (Lincoln, UK)

Lincolnshire International Antiques and Home Show Photo by 2
Lincolnshire International Antiques and Home Show Photo by

Since its establishment in 1995, the bi-monthly Lincolnshire International Antiques and Home Show has become one of the largest antique markets in Europe. Nowadays, it is a true antiquing extravaganza featuring thousands of antique vendors over 200 acres of land in the English East Midlands.

Besides antiques and vintage enthusiasts, the Lincolnshire International Antiques and Home Show attracts collectors and professionals. Shoppers include interior designers, landscape designers, props buyers from production companies, designers, and thousands of shoppers from around the world.

When: Every two months (April to December): Trade buyers: 07:00 – 16:00 | Public buyers: 10:00 – 16:00
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Flohmarkt am Mauerpark (Berlin, Germany)

Mauerpark flohmarkt Victoria Calligo
Mauerpark Flohmarkt – Victoria Calligo

The Flohmarkt am Mauerpark in Berlin is one of Germany’s most popular weekly flea markets. Every Sunday around 500 vendors gather in the Mauerpark between Wedding and Prenzlauer Berg. The park is an important recreational area for the busy population of Berlin, seeking to spend some time surrounded by nature. Mauerpark flea market is a huge flea market, covering around 7000 square meters. Up to 30,000 visitors flock to the Mauerpark Flea Market each Sunday, rain or shine.

Both professional vendors and private individuals are welcome to sell their items at Mauerpark flea market. Thus, the quality of merchandise sold at the market varies. There are treasures to be found among the trash and, given the size of the market, you can be pretty sure that you will take home something interesting. While you are there, be sure to sample the great street food and check out the concerts taking place in the park.

When: Sundays, rain or shine: 09:00 – 18:00
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Brocante de L’Isle sur la Sorgue (Isle-sur-la-sorgue, France)

marché à la brocante et aux antiquités Isle sur la Sorgue 2
marché à la brocante et aux antiquités de l’Isle sur la Sorgue

Renowned for its bi-annual international fair which welcomes more than 120,000 visitors twice a year, and nearly 450 exhibitors, L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue also hosts a weekly flea market. Although more modest than its International Fair For Art And Antiques, this flea market is still a must for antique lovers visiting the city.

Every Sunday, in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, the Avenue des 4 otages is transformed for a day into a vast open-air flea market to the delight of bargain hunters. For nearly 40 years, the weekly flea market has contributed to forge the identity of the city, giving it an international reputation.

With its settlement of nearly 300 permanent antique dealers and second-hand shops, Isle-sur-la-Sorgue can truly boast to be one of the capital city of antiques.

When: Every Sunday: 09:00 – 18:00
Bi-annual international fair: Twice a year on Easter Weekend and All Saints weekend: 09:00 – 19:00. Next dates: Friday, March 29, 2024 – Tuesday, April 2, 2024 | Thursday, August 15, 2024 – Tuesday, August 20, 2024 (Forthcoming dates)
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Brocante de Temploux (Temploux, Belgium)

Brocante de Temploux
Brocante de Temploux

Once a year, on the third weekend of August, the tiny village of Temploux in Belgium swells under the influx of over 130,000 visitors. Featuring more than 1,100 antique dealers and flea market vendors, Temploux flea market is one of the largest antique fairs in western Europe.

It operates nonstop from Saturday morning to Sunday evening and strictly showcases vendors who sell authentic antiques and vintage items. This is the reason why Temploux Flea Market has become one of the most acclaimed antique markets in Belgium and a summer flea market in Europe that should not be missed.

When: Third weekend of August
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Summer Flea Markets Europe: What to do when summer is almost over? Late summer flea markets

The end of summer is marked by two extraordinary flea market events in France. On the first weekend of September, vintage and antiques shoppers flock to two of the largest French brocantes, each taking place only once a year: The legendary Grande Braderie de Lille, and the slightly smaller, but just as interesting, Bric-à-Brac de Marsac.

Bric-à-Brac de Marsac (Marsac, France)

Featuring over 700 exhibitors spread on 5 hectares of fields, the Bric-à-Brac de Marsac is one of the largest professional garage sales in France, together with the Grande Braderie de Lille and the Grande Réderie d’Amiens

Schedule: Saturday – Sunday on the first weekend of September
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Grande Braderie de Lille (Lille France)

Featuring over 10,000 exhibitors, selling everything from knick-knacks to treasures, the Grande Braderie de Lille is the largest flea market in Europe. It is one of the most famous events in France and beyond.

Schedule: Saturday – Sunday on the first weekend of September
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Bonus: Europe’s flea markets on a map!

With our tool Fleamapket, you can view over 220 of the best flea markets in Europe on a map! Not only did we include all the flea markets that made it into our ranking of the 10 Summer Flea Markets And Antique Shows You Should Visit in Europe, but we also added some of Europe’s most acclaimed antique fairs to the mix.