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The 9 Largest Flea Markets & Antique Fairs in France


Each year more than 15,000 flea markets and garage sales across France, gather crowds of fans and onlookers in search of a bargain, a rare item, a decorating idea or a souvenir. Paris regularly makes it to the top of the list of must-see flea markets, with the famous St Ouen Flea Market and Porte de Vanves Flea Market. And most major cities in France also have some pretty decent flea markets, like those featured in our article “Flea Market: 23 best flea markets in France”.

However, which ones are really worth driving hundreds of miles? If you had to pick a handful of them, which one would they be?

If you don’t have the possibility nor the time to buzz around from one flea market to another (small flea markets in the countryside can be real goldmines… but they’re small), a general rule of thumb is to go for major fairs that happen once or twice a year. Yes, they’ll be crowded with people looking for a bargain just like you do, and haggling with merchants may require more skills and determination than anywhere else. But they are truly massive events gathering thousands of vendors who come from nearby regions or even all over the country.

We’ve listed below the 9 largest flea markets & garage sales around France that should not be missed this year:

9 Biggest Flea Markets in France

Click on the links to find out more about these 9 biggest flea markets in France. We have compiled reviews with useful information that will help you plan your visit to these one-of-a-kind markets.


  1. gem

    hi on the Normandy fair info it says at the top ‘first weekend in september’ but then later says it’s on 12/13 September – which one is it this year please?

  2. Matt D

    Hi there, we are travelling down to La palmayre on the 27th August. Does anybody know of any markets worth us checking put on our journey down we will be in the area for 9 days.

    • Generally speaking you can find vintage items at all those fairs (they are not swap meets, but real huge flea markets that take place once a year). For instance, we were yesterday in Lille at the Grande Braderie, and we found a lot of antiques and vintage furniture & clothing. We posted a photo album showcasing our tour there:

  3. Hi There, I just come back from France and specially went via Rennes for la Braderie du Canal St -Martin which on you site states it is on 19th and 2oth Sept. but when we got there on the Sun 20th ( having stayed over in Rennes and got up early to go) we found that it was only on the 19th and there was nothing there.Obviously had we known this we would have gone on the Saturday. It might be worth checking for next year.

    • Hi Kate, thank you for your message, and we’re truly sorry to hear about your bad experience. We strive to always provide as accurate and reliable information as possible, from different sources, but sometimes this is not enough. In the case of the Braderie du Canal Saint-Martin, we mistakenly understood the word “weekend” for “Saturday + Sunday” while the organizers meant only “Saturday”. Thanks to your input, we’ve updated the article accordingly so this won’t happen again. Once again, we’re truly sorry, and we hope you’ll nonetheless continue to stick around with us!

    • Hi Diana, yes that’s such a pity :( the next Farfouille de Leyment should (hopefully…) take place on August 27th 2017. But there are many more flea markets taking place in September/October around Europe :)

  4. Alon T

    Hi there, we are travelling to alsace on the 9 to 13 December (2016). Does anybody know of any markets worth us checking out ? My wife is an interior designer and would be happy to visit antique markets or flea market

  5. Nick

    Has the date for the Amiens Rederie in April 2017 changed? I had everything booked up for the penultimate Sunday but I am hearing that they have moved it to the 9th April – is this correct? Thanks

  6. Joy Pegrum

    Hi – at Amiens, is it best to look for accom near to the market streets or further out? Is central street parking a nightmare on the day/evening before around the cathedral area?

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Joy,
      For giant flea markets like the Réderie d’Amiens or the Grande Braderie de Lille, it is highly recommended to accommodate near the market streets or at least within walking distance to the event. In cities which have a subway system, you can find an accommodation further out. But expect all streets to be closed to traffic (particularly since France was a target of terror attack last year). So, yes, central street parking will be pretty much a nightmare.

  7. colin

    Greetings from Canada.
    My wife and I will be antique picking in Brittany in May 2017 – Any good flea markets or antique shows going on in Brittany in May ? …..Or not to be missed cities or towns with good antique stores ?

  8. Treasurehunter


    I am visiting France by end of June. Which flea market should I go for finding lost treasure of paintings .

    Thank you for you response.

      • Hi Treasurehunter, I’m really sorry for not getting back to you earlier! I just saw now your original message after you commented on it. Whenever possible, we try our best to share useful information on time. Did you enjoy your trip to France? Where did you go? Any treasure you found there? :) Spring is really the best time to go, even if this year’s temperatures were higher as usual.

    • Hi Tracey! Which part of France are you going to? There are a lot of flea markets going around the country at the end of September :) For instance, here are some flea markets not to be missed at the end of September:
      La Braderie du Canal Saint-Martin in Rennes (Rennes)
      Déballage Marchand d’Avignon (Avignon)
      Déballage Marchand de Montpellier (Montpellier)
      Foire de Chatou Antiques Fair (Chatou – near Paris)
      Rendez-vous international de la Curiosité et de la Brocante de Durtal (Durtal)
      La Braderie de Houilles (Houilles)
      La Réderie d’Amiens (Amiens)
      All the above events are featured on
      Alternatively, you can use to find flea markets anywhere in France!
      Enjoy your trip there!

  9. Donna

    At which of these events am I most likely to find vintage and antique rosaries and religious items? Thank you!

    • Dear Sharon, Indeed, in 2017 the Braderie along Canal St Martin in Rennes will be held on Sunday 17th. We just updated the date in the calendar. We sincerely apologise and hope this didn’t cause you any inconvenience… We strive to keep all dates accurate, but sometimes schedules are changed at a later stage and we are not always informed… I hope you still make it to the market and enjoy your stay!

  10. Glass Lover

    Sorry to bother you but are you aware of any antiques fairs (or good areas/towns to look for antiques in) between now and Friday 17 August in Normandy and Brittany? I would be most grateful for any suggestions.
    Many thanks,
    French Glass Lover

  11. Hi! If you’re interested in flea markets in France (and by extension in Brittany and Normandy), I would recommend you to have a look at the following resources. Even though the content is in French, the user interface is straightforward and pretty intelligible even for non French speakers. The first 5 websites are rather practical, as they give you the ability to pick specific regions in France, directly from an interactive map:

    Enjoy your next trip to France!

  12. Laura

    When is the best time and places to visit France in the spring for antiques? I LOVE LOVE LOVE French antiques and trying to plan our trip of a lifetime for it. I also love gardening so we have picked the spring to go. Also, how do you recommend getting unforgettable pieces back? Thank you so very much for your help!

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