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Best Flea Markets in Belgium

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It usually all starts with an “innocent” visit to the Place du Jeu de Balle flea market in Brussels, just to see what the place looks like. And before you know  it, you’re caught by this flea market hunting frenzy, that takes you from one booth to another, and won’t leave you until you’ve visited at least each stall twice (“just to be sure”…).

The Jeu de Balle flea market is probably the most famous of its kind in Belgium. But there are many other flea markets around the country, some just as great as this one.

Belgium has always been a great trading post. Located at the crossroad between European superpowers like France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Great Britain, it has collected along the centuries, influences from its mighty neighbors. And that explains why today it’s not surprising to find some incredible marvels and bargains at most flea markets around the country: it ain’t for no reason that Belgium is one of the favorite hunting places for wealthy European antiques dealer and seasoned flea market hunters.

From weekly flea markets to behemoth yearly antique fairs, here is our selection of Belgium’s best flea markets.

Belgium flea markets

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Bonus: flea markets of Belgium on a map!

With our tool Fleamapket, you can view 18 of the best flea markets in Belgium on a map! Not only did we include some of the flea markets that made it into our ranking of the Best Flea Markets in Belgium, but we also added some of the country’s most acclaimed antique fairs to the mix. Click on the image below to access our map feature for free.

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