Vintage Cycles E tracker side
Vintage Cycles E tracker side

High Speed Vintage Electric Bikes

Unless you’ve been living for the past couple of year in a remote location with no internet or newspapers, you might have noticed that there’s some kind of a growing fad surrounding vintage and retro modern. From the fashion industry to interior design, everyone is trying to get its share of this billion dollars-worth cake. Vintage is everywhere, and it’s there to last, because brands understood that “vintage” is a great value to invest in. Even the automotive business got caught in it.

We regularly write about retro-modern vintage cycles, as the automotive industry is a prolific source of innovation in this segment. And so far, we have to admit that they’ve succeeded in continuously blowing our mind away every single time a new iteration of a vintage-style two-wheeler was released.

Unsurprisingly, the CRUZ and the E-TRACKER, manufactured by Vintage Electric Bikes, are no exception to the rule. Based in California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, this young company manufactures electric cycles (currently the fastest on the market!) that truly embody what could be the perfect mix of classic design, hard wired with modern electric technology. Check the video below to hear the full story of how everything started.

Evoking the elegant lines of the outlawed board-track motorcycles of the early 1900s like the Derringer Cycles, the CRUZ and the E-TRACKER can go up to 40 miles on a charge thanks to their state-of-the-art battery technology, and delivers high speed “off road” use at ~36 mph or lower speed “street legal” at 20 mph in the US.

In order to accommodate the electric motors and batteries, Vintage Electric’s designers have thrown off the shackles of minimalist design to make retro-styled vehicles that cultivates nostalgia of ’50s B-movie chic. However, their exceptional performance means you can enjoy this stylish beauty on everything from a bike path, a winding mountain road, or a steep street.

The Original E-TRACKER

Firstborn of the Californian brand and inception model, the original E-TRACKER is roundly retro, but it’s boosted by a thoroughly modern electric motor. The rear-hub-mounted drive has two settings: a 750-watt mode for tooling around at 20 mph (It’s also legal in Europe if you select the optional ~$130 cadence sensor) and a 3,000-watt mode that’ll let you zoom down country roads at 36 mph (58 Km/Hour). The 52v 12.5 AH battery takes two hours to recharge (with a cost as little as $0.18 USD per recharge), and offers a 30 miles of ride capability.

The E-TRACKER is available in four colors – Indian Red, Racing Green, Excelsior Blue, and Slate Gray, and sells for $4,995.00 USD (Up to $6,845 with Accessories and Upgrades). Both the bike and the battery come with a 1 year / 30,000 miles warranty.

The full list of features and specs of the E-TRACKER is available here. There’s also a very complete review of the E-TRACKER available on


A classic California cruiser and Vintage Electric’s newest model, the CRUZ  also evokes a bygone era with its design elements reminiscent of the American Art Deco movement.

Offering the same best-in-class performance as the E-Tracker, the CRUZ  leads the industry with a top speed of 36 mph (58 Km/Hour) in race mode. Regenerative breaking that recoups energy that is typically wasted in brake use, coupled with Shimano Alfine hydraulic disk brakes, provides riders with stop-on-a-dime control. In the same fashion as the E-TRACKER, the CRUZ’s top-caliber components include a sandcast aluminum battery box, Phil-Wood front hub, powerful LED lighting, and a Brooks England Ltd leather saddle and grips.

A powerful 3,000 watt, 3-phase brushless electric motor and a 52-volt battery gives the CRUZ 30 miles of ride capability and requires minimal charge time – it takes just two hours to fully recharge, costs as little as $0.18 USD per recharge, and has an estimated pack life of 30,000 miles.

The stained alder wood frame inlay and cast pewter name badge sings the final note for this model’s signature look, which starts at $4,995 USD – a lot less than some electric vehicles we could mention. Last but not least, Vintage Electric’s CRUZ is currently available in three colors: Fiesta (Red), Aqua (Blue) and Cola (Black). Both the bike and the battery come with a 1 year / 30,000 miles warranty.

The full list of features and specs of the CRUZ is available here.

Note that VEB sells Vintage Electric bikes around the world.

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