Derringer Cycles: when vintage “hits the road”

Some objects once stepped into the legend and never left it. Because of their manufacturing quality, their performance at the time they were build, their design, or even the myth they inspire or that some people who used them – or still do – inspire.

If your knowledge of Derringer is limited to pocket guns designed and manufactured by Henry Deringer in the 19th century, I’d recommend you stop by their website to discover something way more interesting: their vintage-like motorcycles.

“Derringer cycles capture the simple, pared-down, aggressiveness of early motorsport”

Way racy than a Vespa, way cooler than any motorbike, Derringer cycles capture the simple, pared-down, aggressiveness of early motorsport, as they showcase a modern interpretation of the board tracking racing motorcycles of the 1920s, while delivering a unique experience. And that’s no surprise why Derringer counts among its faithful clients some VIPs like Philippe Starck or Hugh Laurie, who both own they customized Derringer.

So if like me you cannot (yet) afford buying yourself the vintage Ford Mustang of your dreams, I guarantee a Derringer Cycle will nicely help you patiently wait in the meantime. And priced $3,500, make sure to display it properly in your living room as the work of art it is.

Technical specifications

  • Engine: Overhead valve 4-stroke engine displacing 49cc, CARB and EURO 2 emission compliance, up to 180 mpg depending on usage. EZ-Start® Recoil
  • Transmission: GGB gearbox with centrifugal clutch and freewheel, Freewheel allows pedals to remain stationary while driven via engine
  • Brakes: 70mm drum front brake, coaster style rear brake.
  • Capacity: Fuel Tank: 1.8 US Gallon, 87 Octane / Engine Oil: .26 US Quart
  • Dimensions
    • Length: 70″
    • Width: 24″ (Board Track Style Handlebars)
    • Seat Height: Varies by saddle and seatpost type
    • Wheel Diameter: 26″
    • Bar Height At Stem: 36″

Web: derringercycles.com

Facebook: facebook.com/DerringerCycles

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