flea market Copenhagen
flea market Copenhagen

Flea market season has begun in Copenhagen!

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Flea markets in Europe thrive during spring and summer, and Copenhagen is surely no exception to this phenomenon. There are several exciting outdoor flea markets in Copenhagen that tempt flea market enthusiasts with cheap second-hand goods, bric-a-brac and unique antiques.

Besides the rather high-end Thorvaldsen Antique Market in the city center, there is a wide variety of more affordable flea markets in town that are full of treasures. Old jewelry, vintage Danish furniture, Mid Century Modern decor items, crockery, vintage Copenhagen porcelain sculptures, vinyl records, unique antiques, and cheap clothes can all be found at Copenhagen’s flea markets. And if you are not traveling on a budget, antique shops in the cozy and vibrant streets of Ravnsborggade are another great option.

Tip: As always, it is generally advised to arrive early to flea markets in Denmark if you want to be sure to make a good deal. Flea markets in Copenhagen are popular and often crowded!

Enjoy our list of Copenhagen’s best flea markets and antiques markets:

1. Thorvaldsen Flea Market – Copenhagen, Denmark

Thorvaldsen Antique Market

For over 20 years, the Thorvaldsens Plads Antique Market has been Copenhagen’s most popular venue for antiques and collectibles. Some might remember the market going by the name of Gammel Strand Antique Market. Even though it is not a big flea market, the Thorvaldsen Plads Antique Market regularly attracts hundreds of visitors. They come partly because of the high quality of the merchandise and partly because of its beautiful surroundings. The market is located right in the heart of the old Copenhagen Quarter, next to the Thorvaldsens museum and the Café Diamanten.

Thorvaldsens Plads Antique Market features a wide selection of unique antiques. The items found there range from paintings, porcelain, silver and antique curiosities, to modern Danish design, toys, jewellery, vintage fashion and vintage industrial. It is a true Eldorado for professionals as well as private collectors.

Where: Thorvaldsen Plads 2, 1213 Copenhagen, Denmark
When: Every Friday and Saturday, 08:00 – 17:00 (end of April or early May until October)
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Website: antikmarked.com

2. Ravnsborggade Flea Market – Copenhagen, Denmark

Ravnsborggade Flea Market – Flea market Copenhagen

If the weekly markets in Copenhagen do not sound exciting enough for you, it is worth keeping your eyes peeled for the Ravnsborggade Flea Market in Norrebro. This flea market is held only four times a year – once per season in the Ravnsborggade neighborhood of Copenhagen. Although this Copenhagen flea market is not held as frequently as the Nørrebrogade Fleamarket, the Remisen Market or the Loppemarkedet, the Ravnsborggade flea market nonetheless offers spectacular finds for those ready to put effort into some proper rummaging.

In fact, the open air market, which is located on the streets of Ravnsborggade and Sankt Hans Gade, is much more than a simple flea market. Both streets also host an exciting variety of antique shops, designer boutiques and galleries. In fact, Ravnsborggade offers a wonderful blend of antique shops and is one of the best shopping streets in Copenhagen.

With the trading in full swing, all these venues bring their business to the streets and transform the market into a real community event. The atmosphere at Ravnsborggade flea market is unique, well worthy of being high on your list of Copenhagen flea markets to visit.

Where: Ravnsborggade, Norrebro, Denmark
When: four times a year on a Sunday
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Website: ravnsborggade.dk

3. Frederiksberg Loppetorv – Copenhagen, Denmark

Frederiksberg Loppetorv - Flea markets of Copenhagen
Frederiksberg Loppetorv Copenhagen © Birgitte Brøndsted

Copenhagen’s Frederiksberg flea market features over 90 stalls which offer almost everything you can wish for. Open every Saturday in the warm season of the year, Frederiksberg flea market is one of the largest flea markets in Copenhagen and located in a parking space next to the Frederiksberg City Hall.

Shoppers at Frederiksberg Loppetorv often look for Danish fashion and second-hand clothes, antique furniture, antique crockery, Danish design decor items, design lamps, books, ceramics, glassware, silverware, vintage toys and musical instruments. Those who wish to take a shortcut straight to Danish antiques and vintage should visit Loppehylder. Literally translated to “flea shelves, Loppehylder is a flea market-like shop located next to Frederiksberg flea market. The vintage shop operates every day from 10 am to 6 pm (Saturday & Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm).

Due to the upscale nature of the neighborhood, items sold at Frederiksberg Loppetorv flea market tend to be of high quality, making it a good bet to find great and useful stuff at reasonable prices. Food stalls and beer tents regularly set up at Frederiksberg flea market, so flea market enthusiasts can enjoy a Danish hotdog and a pint of Gammel Dansk bitters while they take a stroll.

Where: Frederiksberg Bredegade 13, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
Every Saturday from early April to October (except on Copenhagen Pride Parade day)
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Website: https://www.frederiksberg.dk/loppetorv

4. Remisen flea market – Copenhagen, Denmark

Remisen Flea Market Østerbro-001
Remisen flea market – Flea markets of Copenhagen

Many of Copenhagen’s flea markets are held outdoors, which can be unfortunate. If the weather fails you, do not despair: the Remisen flea market Copenhagen is an indoor market regularly held in the Østerbro neighborhood. It is a great weekend activity for bad weather days in Copenhagen.

The Remisen flea market Copenhagen takes place throughout the year, except for the summer months. The organizers charge a small entrance fee of 10 DK (US$ 1.50) which gives you access to a myriad of stalls. Vendors at Remisen flea market sell clothes, shoes, toys, retro stuff, books and other knick-knacks. From time to time the market is entirely devoted to a particular theme. The themes range from vintage clothes and accessories to electronics and spare parts.

Where: Remisen Market, 132 Blegdamsvej, Copenhagen, Denmark
Saturdays and Sundays (10:00 to 16:00). Closed in July – September
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Website: kulturoesterbro.kk.dk

5. Nørrebrogade Flea Market – Copenhagen, Denmark

Nørrebro Flea Market 2
Nørrebrogade Flea Market – Flea markets of Copenhagen

The Nørrebro Flea Market is known as Denmark’s longest flea market in the colorful Nørrebro neighbourhood of Copenhagen. It stretches along 333 meters on the sidewalk along the wall of Assistens Kierkegaard Cemetery on Nørrebrogade. The weekly flea market takes place every Saturday from April to October.

The Nørrebrogade flea market offers the potential for exceptional finds for those willing to put an effort into rummaging and searching for treasures among trash. Vintage furniture, art, antiques, jewelry, old watches, vintage pictures and plenty of second-hand items – this flea market has pretty much anything for everyone.

Where: Nørrebrogade 90, 2200 København, Danemark
When: Every Saturday, April – October
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Website: http://www.norrebro.dk/

6. Gentofte Loppemarked – Copenhagen, Denmark

gentofte loppemarked - photo by Christina Dueholm via christinadueholm.dk
Gentofte loppemarked – photo by Christina Dueholm via christinadueholm.dk

Copenhagen’s Gentofte Loppemarked is famous for its cool second-hand designer clothes and vintage treasures sold with large discounts. The flea market is ideally located just off Charlottenlund Station in the affluent Gentofte suburb of Copenhagen. Visitors do not hesitate to catch an early train from Copenhagen to be among the first shoppers to stroll the premises.

Gentofte flea market hosts around 70 private vendors and attracts up to 3,000 visitors every weekend. In terms of quality of goods, Gentofte Loppemarked can be compared to Frederiksberg Loppetorv, with more affordable prices. Some of the most interesting items to see and find at Gentofte Loppemarked include antique ceramic, crystal glassware, Royal Copenhagen porcelain, vintage Danish design furniture, crockery, and a lot of fashion accessories and second-hand clothes.

Where: Bregnegårdsvej 2, 2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark
When: Every Sunday: 08:00 – 14:00 (from early April to early October)
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Website: gentofteloppemarked.dk

7. Loppemarked i Tap 1 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Loppemarkedet flea market Copenhagen-002
Carlsberg Loppemarkedet – Flea markets of Copenhagen

Held once a month at Tap 1 in the Carlsberg brewery district, Carlsberg Loppemarkedet is a huge indoor flea market in Copenhagen. With about 200 stalls and separate areas for clothes and furniture, Carlsberg Loppemarkedet is a must-do market for bargain hunters. The market is held several times a year, about every two or three months. You will find everything there – from furniture, lamps and books to all sorts of trinkets and paraphernalia.

Where: Tap1 Loppemarked, TAP1, Raffinaderivej 10, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark
Four times a year, Saturday – Sunday
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8. Antiques Shops in Ravnsborggade – Copenhagen, Denmark

Antiques Shops in Ravnsborggade, Copenhagen

The vibrant street of Ravnsborggade is one of the best destinations for antique shopping in Copenhagen. Located close to the Lakes, it is known to be one of the best shopping streets in Copenhagen. While the focus is on antiques, all kinds of shops can be found on Ravnsborggade. The Ravnsborggade district has developed into a trendy mix of small design shops, cafes and restaurants. Antiques are of course still dominant in the shops and at the weekly Sunday flea market.

The antique stores are full of interesting finds, to be explored and experienced. There are also trendy fashion stores in the Ravnsborggade area, offering everything from high priced international brands to Scandinavian brands as well as custom made clothes.

Where: Ravnsborggade, Norrebro, Denmark
When: shop opening hours vary
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9. Den Blå Hal Antiques Market – Copenhagen, Denmark

Den Blå Hal Antiques Market-005
Den Blå Hal Antiques Market – Flea markets of Copenhagen

The Den Blå Hal Antiques Market is comparable to a high-end antique mall. The indoor market is located a little further away from Copenhagen’s city center, in the Amager neighborhood. Den Blå Hal Antiques Market is open every weekend, year round. It is an absolute must-do if you are looking for some nice vintage souvenirs to bring back home.

Den Blå Hal Antiques Market is filled with antique Scandinavian homeware on 2000 square meters of exhibition space. It showcases a broad variety of used and vintage items like second-hand furniture classics, art, toys, vintage and second-hand clothing, crockery, Copenhagen porcelain and more. Admission is 10 DKK.

Where: Den Blå Hal Ved Amagerbanen 9 2300 København S, Denmark
When: Every Saturday and Sunday (10 am – 4 pm) year round
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Website: denblaahal.dk

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