Ravnsborggade Loppemarkedet © Henrik Lahnet
Ravnsborggade Loppemarkedet © Henrik Lahnet

Flea Market: Ravnsborggade Flea Market (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Close to Copenhagen‘s Lakes at the end of Nørrebrogade, you will find the cozy and vibrant street Ravnsborggade.

From being a street exclusively known for its antiques, Ravnsborggade is now a wonderful blend of all kinds of shops and one of the best shopping streets and flea market in Copenhagen.

Antiques are still predominant in the street and at the Ravnsborggades Loppemarked (flea market). Nonetheless, vintage enthusiasts can find furniture from the 19th and 20th centuries, Royal Danish Porcelain, paintings, glass and silverware, as well as more home decor merchandises and modern design furniture.

Click on the map to have a more in-depth look at the Ravnsborggade Flea Market and its streets filled with antique shops. Enjoy the visit!

map of flea markets in Copenhagen, Denmark