Annecy Flea Market
Annecy Flea Market

10 Most Scenic Flea Markets to Visit Before You Die

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From New Zealand to France, Japan to South Africa, the world is home to heaps of unique and exciting flea markets to explore. Truth be told, we would love to just jump on a plane and see them all! But let’s face it, there is already way too much to do in a lifetime, let alone in a day…

To make your life easier, we put together a shortlist of must-visit flea markets from around the world that are not to be missed in your next travels. These particular flea markets were chosen for their unique scenic settings – some take place in ancient temples and medieval castles, whereas others are tucked away in picturesque little towns, or simply boast an awe-inspiring sight.

And even if you come back home empty-handed, a trip to any of these 10 Most Scenic Flea Markets to Visit Before You Die will be a reward in itself.

1. Annecy Flea Market, Annecy, France

In the fairytale town of Annecy, at the foothills of the French Alps, vintage enthusiasts will find Annecy Flea Market especially remarkable for its postcard-perfect lakeside location.

Annecy Flea Market
Annecy Flea Market

Held on the last Saturday of each month, Annecy Flea Market takes place in the enchanting historic part of town, on the edge of Lac d’Annecy, where visitors can explore vintage goodies while admiring scenic views of Thiou River.

Many of the goods reflect the town’s Alpine setting: you will find secondhand ski equipment, antique cowbells and milk jugs, wooden tools for cheese-making, as well as old ceramics, vintage furniture and antique oil paintings

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2. Grande Brocante de Chambord, Loire Valley, France

Another French winner in the scenic stakes is the Grande Brocante de Chambord. Scheduled to take place once a year on May Day, the Grande Brocante de Chambord enjoys from an absolutely unique backdrop: the Chateau de Chambord and its stunning gardens.

Grande Brocante de Chambord
Grande Brocante de Chambord

Built with a very distinctive French Renaissance architecture, the Chateau de Chambord is one of the most recognizable castles in the world and offers a unique and majestic environment for expert antique dealers and flea market lovers.

From antique furniture and paintings to kitchenware, phonographs and other knick-knacks, Grande Brocante de Chambord is definitely worth the effort of driving the nearly-200 kilometers from Paris!

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3. Treasure Island Flea Market, San Fransisco, USA

Now known as TreasureFest, Treasure Island Flea Market is a vibrant modern-day bazaar held on a monthly basis on San Francisco’s Treasure Island.

Treasure Island Flea Market
Treasure Island Flea Market

Overlooking the beautiful bay waters and breathtaking city skylines, Treasure Island Flea Market offers visitors a mix of antique gems and handmade arts and crafts: find everything from vintage home décor and furniture stands to artisanal accessories and candles, while absorbing scenic views from the surrounding bay.

Don’t forget to head over to the many dozens of food trucks and cocktail stands after the flea market hunt!

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4. Takahata Fudo Gozareichi Antique Fair, Tokyo, Japan

With the second-hand trend only just taking off in Japan, Takahata Fudo Gozareichi Antique Fair is one of the most popular and most scenic flea markets you will find in Tokyo. Built more than 1,100 years ago, Takahata Fudo Temple is an enchanting Buddhist temple worth a visit in itself and plays host to the monthly Takahata Fudo Gozareichi Antique Fair.

Takahata Fudo Gozareichi Antique Fair
Takahata Fudo Gozareichi Antique Fair

On every third Sunday of the month, the atmosphere of the temple changes as its grounds become flooded with antique stalls of all kinds: other than the “usual” vintage treasures, visitors will also have the chance to bargain for beautifully-preserved kimonos and traditional décor items.

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5. Antiquariato a Piazzola sul Brenta, Valle Agredo, Italy

Antiquariato a Piazzola sul Brenta is unquestionably the most scenic flea market in Italy. Taking place every last Sunday of the month, antique lovers and tourists alike will find this extravaganza in Piazzola sul Brenta, right in front of the elegant 1000-year old Villa Contarini.

Antiquariato a Piazzola sul Brenta
Antiquariato a Piazzola sul Brenta

Visitors get to admire the patrician Baroque-style villa as they stroll through the + 800 stalls spilling out beyond the piazza and into the side streets, selling mostly antique collectibles such as war memorabilia, precious painting frames, rare comic editions and old toys.

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6. Milnerton Flea Market, Cape Town, South Africa

Go on a vintage hunt among the cheap and old knick-knacks at Milnerton Flea Market, a large open-air trading space that stretches along Table Bay and offers stunning views of Table Mountain.

Milnerton Flea Market
Milnerton Flea Market

Established decades ago in Milnerton, the flea market now takes place twice a week in the nearby Paarden Eiland and is known as the city’s most famous informal fair.

Expect to find quite some odds and ends at Milnerton Flea Market, but don’t give up too fast – for those willing to kneel down and dig through piles of stuff, you may just discover a rare vintage gem!

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7. Foire de l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France

When it comes to flea markets in Europe, Foire de l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue is definitely one of the best-kept secrets, which is surprising once you know what the village is renowned for.

Foire de lIsle sur la Sorgue
Foire de lIsle sur la Sorgue

Tucked between Carpentras and Cavaillon, Isle-sur-la-Sorgue is a tiny charming Provençal village famous for having the world’s highest density of antique dealers and vintage shops. In addition to the 300 permanent antique sellers, the town hosts the Foire de l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue twice a year, welcoming more than 100,000 vintage lovers from around the world to explore the nearly 800 stalls.

Marvel at the stunning collections of ceramics, linen, furniture, kitchenware and other rare finds from the south of France.

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8. Feira da Ladra, Lisbon, Portugal

Spanning through several streets of Lisbon’s charming Alfama district, Feira da Ladra – locally known as the Thieves’ Market – is the city’s oldest flea market and a touristic attraction, especially popular because of its friendly and laid-back vibe.

Feira de Ladra
Feira de Ladra

Opened twice a week, Feira da Ladra’s unbeatable location in the heart of Old Lisbon makes it a great spot for vintage enthusiasts to check out and can be easily combined with visits to the nearby Pãnteao Nacional and Monastery São Vicente.

Although Feira da Ladra may not be the place to hit for specific antiques, it is a pleasant haven for all things curious and secondhand.

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9. Le Village Saint-Paul, Paris, France

Wander through the enchanting cobblestoned passageways of Le Village Saint-Paul and be pleasantly surprised by an incredible gathering of beautiful antique stores and open-air booths.

Le Village Saint Paul
Le Village Saint Paul

Located in the busy district of Le Marais, this picture-perfect enclosed village is charmingly removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, making it the ideal escape for antique lovers to hunt at their own pace and in peace.

Take your time to explore the magnificent variety of antiques and collectibles here, ranging from medieval trinkets and vintage café-wares to 1970s retro bargains and pop memorabilia.

Antique lovers planning a trip to visit Paris flea markets like the famous Puces de Clignancourt or the Puces de Vanves, should definitely add Le Village Saint-Paul to their to-do list.

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10. Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, Darwin, Australia

As the sunset comes into view, the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets come to life. Stretched along the palm tree-lined coast of the stunning Mindil Beach in Darwin, Australia, the modern-day night market takes place twice a week between April and October and is heavily focused on exotic food, offering over 60 stalls of delicious national dishes as well as vibrant live performances.

Mindil Beach Sunset Market
Mindil Beach Sunset Market

After enjoying a good meal along with the tropical sunset, visitors can get lost in the seemingly never-ending arts and craft stalls – handmade jewelry, aboriginal artworks, leather products, Eastern-style potteries… Mindil Beach Sunset Markets is the ideal place to find a unique gift for your loved ones!

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