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The 12 Best California Flea Markets for Vintage and Antiques

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A treasure trove for vintage enthusiasts and antique hunters, California boasts a wealth of markets that offer a glimpse into the past through their vibrant collections. The state’s rich tapestry of flea markets and antique fairs is testament to its thriving arts and culture scene, which extends beyond the confines of traditional galleries and museums.

Among them, standout venues such as the Santa Monica Airport Antique & Vintage Market, the Sacramento Antique Faire, the Palm Springs Vintage Market and the Pasadena City College (PCC) Flea Market have carved out their niches, drawing enthusiasts from across the state and beyond.

This guide spotlights California’s 12 best vintage and antique flea markets, including iconic gatherings such as the Alameda Point Antiques Faire, the Long Beach Antique Market and the Rose Bowl Flea Market – California’s largest flea market extravaganza. Each market promises a unique journey through time, offering a range of collectibles to suit all tastes and interests, from casual browsing to serious collecting.

1. Rose Bowl Flea Market – Pasadena, CA

At the iconic Rose Bowl Flea Market, you’ll find an abundance of treasures ranging from brand-new items, antiques and vintage pieces to those unique finds that are just old and full of character. Known as a true legend among flea market aficionados in California, the Rose Bowl Flea Market not only attracts over 20,000 enthusiasts each month, but is also a popular hotspot for celebrities like Taylor Swift and Drew Barrymore, who are often spotted browsing through vintage fashion collections.

Each month, this bustling marketplace comes to life as more than 2,500 vendors set up shop at the historic Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena. Together, they create a vast and vibrant swap meet that’s a bargain hunter’s and vintage enthusiast’s paradise. The Rose Bowl Flea Market in LA holds the title of the largest flea market in California and is one of the largest flea markets in the United States. Its fame extends nationwide, known not only for its vast size, but also for being a premier destination for celebrity sightings. For those seeking the quintessential California flea market experience, or hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrities shopping, the Rose Bowl Flea Market is undoubtedly the place to be. 

Where: Rose Bowl Flea Market and Market Place, 1001 Rose Bowl Dr, Pasadena, CA
When: 2nd Sunday of the month: 09:00 – 16:30
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2. Melrose Trading Post – Los Angeles, CA

Welcoming an impressive crowd of 3,000 to 4,000 visitors each Sunday throughout the year, the Melrose Trading Post Flea Market is a vibrant and diverse shopping destination. Nearly 200 eclectic merchants display a wide variety of goods, providing a rich and varied shopping experience.

While it may not have the size of the Rose Bowl Flea Market, the Melrose Trading Post more than makes up for it with its unique charm and diverse offerings. It has become the go-to place for those looking for a variety of items including jewelry, stylish clothing, vintage furniture, and vintage movie props ideal for home decorating. Known for its friendly atmosphere and diverse offerings, the Melrose Trading Post is celebrated as one of the top flea markets in California. It’s a place where every visit promises new discoveries and unique finds.

Where: Melrose Trading Post, 7850 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA
When: Sunday: 09:00 – 17:00
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3. Alameda Flea Market – San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Known as the largest antique show in Northern California, the Alameda Point Antiques Faire is a highlight of the San Francisco Bay Area. Held on the first Sunday of every month, the Alameda flea market is a sprawling gathering of over 800 vendor booths. This impressive event offers an unparalleled selection of items and draws a substantial crowd each time it opens.

A magnet for high-end antique dealers and serious collectors, the Alameda Antiques Fair stands out as the premier flea market in Northern California. Its reputation is built on the quality and variety of antiques available, making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in unique and valuable finds. More than just a place to shop, it’s a vibrant community where collectors and enthusiasts come together to share their passion for antiques. To learn more about the treasures and experiences that await you at the Alameda Flea Market and Antiques Fair, read on for more information. 

Where: Alameda Point Antiques Faire, 2700 Saratoga St, Alameda
When: First Sunday of the month: 06:00 – 16:30
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4. Santa Monica Airport Antique & Vintage Market – Santa Monica, CA

A treasure trove in the heart of Santa Monica, California, the Santa Monica Airport Antique & Vintage Market offers a unique blend of nostalgia and charm that attracts collectors and enthusiasts alike. Founded to provide a marketplace for the finest selection of antiques, vintage goods and collectibles, this monthly event has grown in popularity to become a must-visit destination for those in search of unique items and memorabilia.

Located at the historic Santa Monica Airport, the market boasts over 200 vendors, each offering a diverse range of items from fine antiques, vintage clothing, jewellery and furniture to rare collectibles and artwork. The open-air venue not only provides a pleasant shopping experience, but also offers stunning views of the surrounding area, adding to the market’s appeal.

Visitors can also enjoy gourmet food trucks and local eateries, making the market an ideal place for both shopping and dining. The market’s proximity to other Santa Monica attractions, such as the famous pier and beaches, allows for a full day of exploration and enjoyment.

Where: 3050 Airport Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA
When: 1st Sunday of every month: 08:00 – 15:00 | 4th Sunday of every month: 06:00 – 15:00
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5. Sacramento Antique Faire – Sacramento, CA

The Sacramento Antique Faire, an esteemed gathering that transforms the Highway 50 underpass into a vibrant marketplace once a month, is a haven for collectors and lovers of antiques and vintage treasures. Since its inception, the Faire has become a staple for the Sacramento community and visitors alike, offering a wide range of items that span centuries of craftsmanship and history.

With over 300 vendors, the Faire showcases a diverse collection that includes furniture, clothing, jewellery, books, toys and more. Each stall and booth is a window into the past, giving visitors the opportunity to discover rare and unique finds. The event is renowned for its quality items and knowledgeable dealers who are passionate about their collections and eager to share stories and details about their wares.

In addition to the shopping experience, the Sacramento Antique Faire features food trucks and live music, creating a lively atmosphere that enhances the joy of discovery. Its location, easily accessible from downtown Sacramento, makes it a convenient stop for a day of exploration and treasure hunting.

Where: 1 Sports Pkwy, Sacramento, CA 95834, USA
When: 2nd Sunday of every month: 06:30 – 15:00
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6. Palm Springs Vintage Market – Palm Springs, CA

Nestled in the picturesque setting of Palm Springs, California, the Palm Springs Vintage Market has become a premier destination for lovers of all things vintage, retro and antique. Held on the first Sunday of each month from October to May, the market has become a cherished event for locals and tourists alike, offering a unique blend of nostalgia and timeless elegance against the backdrop of the iconic desert landscape.

With its carefully curated selection of vendors, the Palm Springs Vintage Market showcases an eclectic mix of vintage clothing, jewellery, home décor and furniture, as well as rare collectibles and art. Each stall is a testament to the rich history and aesthetic appeal of vintage items, offering visitors the opportunity to delve into the past and discover unique pieces that tell a story.

The vibrant atmosphere of the market is enhanced by the presence of gourmet food vendors and live music, creating a delightful experience for all the senses. Conveniently located near downtown Palm Springs, the market is an accessible stop for a day of exploring, shopping and dining in one of California’s most iconic destinations.

In addition, the Palm Springs Vintage Market serves as a gathering place for vintage enthusiasts to connect, share their passion and celebrate the beauty of vintage and antique treasures in a welcoming community setting.

Where: 2300 E Baristo Road, Palm Springs, California, USA
When: 1st Sunday of the month (October to May): 08:00 – 14:00
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7. PCC Flea Market – Pasadena, CA

A hidden gem in the heart of Pasadena, California, the Pasadena City College (PCC) Flea Market is a bustling hub of activity and one of the largest flea markets in the region. Held on the first Sunday of every month, this market has carved out a niche for itself by specialising in vintage goods, antiques and unique collectibles, attracting both casual browsers and serious collectors alike.

Spread across the parking lots and buildings of Pasadena City College, the PCC Flea Market is home to over 400 vendors offering an amazing variety of items. From rare vinyl records and vintage fashions to antique furniture and unique handcrafted items, the market promises an eclectic shopping experience that caters to a wide range of tastes and interests.

What sets the PCC Flea Market apart is not only its vast selection, but also its commitment to the community. Run by volunteers, proceeds from the market go towards supporting student scholarships and funding campus projects, adding a philanthropic aspect to the thrill of discovery.

As well as shopping, visitors can enjoy food from local vendors, making it a perfect Sunday outing for families and friends. Easy access and a lively atmosphere make the PCC Flea Market a must-visit for anyone looking for unique finds and a memorable shopping experience.

Where: CC-105, 1570 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91106
When: 1st Sunday of every month: 08:00 – 15:00
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8. TreasureFest (Treasure Island Flea Market) – San Francisco Bay Area, CA

TreasureFest, also known as the Treasure Island Flea Market, is one of the premier destinations in San Francisco and throughout California for a day of bargains, delicious food, live music and sunshine. More than just a flea market, TreasureFest is a full-fledged festival with entertainment for the entire family.

With over 400 vendors from all over California, TreasureFest offers a diverse and extensive selection of items, including a significant selection of vintage and antique goods. While the focus has recently expanded to include more handmade products, the market still maintains a strong presence of vintage and antique offerings. It’s a place where you can find unique treasures and handcrafted items, all in a vibrant and festive atmosphere. For the best experience at TreasureFest SF, check out our top tips and recommendations.

Where: Treasure Island, 1 Avenue of the Palms Ave, San Francisco, CA
When: Once a month from March to December on the last Sunday of the month and the preceding Saturday (last “full” weekend of the month): Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 – 16:00
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9. Long Beach Antique Market – Long Beach, CA

Located at the epicenter of Southern California’s renowned patio-living culture, nestled between Los Angeles and Orange County, the Long Beach Antique Market is a bustling hub for vintage enthusiasts and collectors. Set in a sports stadium, the market features an impressive array of vintage, antique and secondhand treasures from up to 800 vendors. It is a formidable competitor in size and quality to the famous Rose Bowl Flea Market.

At the Long Beach Flea Market, shoppers can explore a wide variety of items, including outdoor furniture, garden pottery, statuary, and a vast array of other fascinating finds. It’s an experience well worth exploring, especially for those in Orange County or LA looking for unique items and memorable market adventures. To learn more about the diverse offerings and unique charm of the Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market, read on for more details and insights. 

Where: Long Beach Antique Flea Market, 4901 E Conant St, Long Beach, CA
When: Third Sunday of the month: 05:30 – 15:00
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10. Alemany Flea Market – San Francisco Bay Area, CA

The Alemany Flea Market in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood is one of the Bay Area’s top destinations for vintage and antique shopping. Though smaller than the sprawling Alameda Antiques Fair across the bay, Alemany’s weekly market is a treasure trove of vintage and antique items, as well as handcrafted goods. It’s celebrated for its impressive selection and variety of vintage goods.

Setting itself apart from other flea markets in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alemany imposes strict vendor regulations, prohibiting the sale of new items less than 20 years old, except for crafts. This focus on antiques and collectibles gives the market a unique charm, although it opens its doors to newer secondhand items every first Sunday of the month for Garage Sale Sunday. Unlike the Saturday Farmers Market, the Alemany Flea Market operates every Sunday, rain or shine, throughout the year.

Where: 100 Alemany Boulevard, 94110 San Francisco, CA
When: Sunday: 07:00 – 15:00
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11. Jamestown Village Vintage Flea Market – Orange County, CA

Considered one of the top flea markets in Orange County, the Jamestown Village Vintage Flea Market may be modest in size, but it’s known for its well-curated selection. This market showcases a wide and varied range of collectibles and antiques sourced from all over Southern California. As you navigate its 4-5 aisles and 8-10 rows, personal collectors and antique dealers alike often stumble upon rare and unique vintage finds at the Jamestown Village Flea Market.

Also known as the OTT Flea, this vintage market is a treasure hunter’s paradise, offering an eclectic mix of items. Here you can discover a diverse collection of treasures, including vintage toys that harken back to simpler times, old books that are full of history and charm, retro bicycles that evoke a sense of nostalgia, old-fashioned typewriters that harken back to a bygone era, and vintage kitchenware that adds a touch of retro elegance to any home. In addition, the market features other fascinating relics that promise a glimpse into the past.

Open to the public every fourth Sunday of the month except December, the Jamestown Village Vintage Flea Market offers a unique and memorable shopping experience. It’s not just a place to buy antiques; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in history, rediscover forgotten stories, and maybe even take home a piece of history. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious visitor, the market offers a delightful journey through the annals of time, making it a must-see for anyone in Orange County.

Where: 474 El Camino Real, Tustin, California 92780
When: 4th Sunday of the month: 07:00 – 14:00 (except December)
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12. San José flea market – San José, CA

The San José Flea Market, a true California landmark, boasts an impressive size with more than 2,000 booths spread across 8 miles of aisles. It attracts up to 4 million visitors each year, rivaling the size and popularity of the iconic Rose Bowl Flea Market.

This sprawling market offers a vast array of goods to suit a wide range of interests and needs. Shoppers can find everything from jewelry, furniture and collectibles to clothing. In addition, the market offers a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, toys, books, cars, car stereos, toiletries, artwork, tools, cookware, and cosmetics, among other items. While the San José Flea Market may not be the primary destination for antique hunters, it does stand out as a colossal swap meet, possibly the largest in California.

More than just a shopping destination, the San José Flea Market is a unique and authentic venue that offers a glimpse into California’s diverse culture and community life. It’s a place where visitors can experience the vibrant, off-the-beaten-path character of the state. For those interested in learning more about this fascinating market and swap meet, more details and insights about the San José Flea Market are available here.

Where: 1590 Berryessa Rd, San José, California 95133
When: Wednesday: 06:00 – 18:00 | Friday: 06:00 – 18:00 | Saturday – Sunday: 05:00 – 18:00
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