California Flea Markets

California is a land of great urban gateways, with exciting hubs, iconic urban attractions, as well as hidden gems with rich artistic heritage. But beyond its celebrated coastline, its granite Sierra peaks and broad heartland, the Golden State has more to offer than a lifetime of vacations.

California’s arts and culture extend well beyond the walls of its world-class museums. Its flea markets scene is one of the most dynamic and high-powered in the country. Venues like the Alameda Point Antiques Faire or the Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market have been long enjoying from a steady interest from flea market & antiques enthusiasts from all over California and beyond.

From the exuberance of the Rose Bowl Flea Market, to the cozy setting of Jamestown Village Vintage Flea Market, we’ve hand picked for you the 8 Top Flea Markets in California.

The biggest: Rose Bowl Flea Market – Pasadena, CA


There’s little you won’t find at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, whether it’s new, antiques, vintage or just old. A true legend among flea market lovers in California, the Rose Bowl flea market gather each month at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, more than 20,000 flea market enthusiasts and over 2,500 merchants in one huge swap meet. Continue reading >>

#2. Melrose Trading Post – Los Angeles, CA

Melrose Trading Post - (c) by LosAnheles

Gathering between 3,000 to 4,000 attendees every Sunday of the year, the Melrose Trading Post features nearly 200 eclectic merchants to check out. Though it is not as big (and overwhelming) as the Rose Bowl flea market, the Melrose Trading Post is nonetheless the ideal place to come to if you’re looking for jewelry, clothing, vintage furnitures and old movie props for home decorations. Continue reading >>

#3. Alameda Flea Market – San Francisco Bay Area, CA

San Francisco - Alameda flea market - trailer - Ganeshaisis

The Alameda Point Antiques Faire is the largest antiques show in Northern California. Held on the 1st Sunday of every month, the faire boasts over 800 merchants booths and draws a regular crowd of high-end antique dealers and serious collectors. Continue reading >>

#4. Treasure Island Flea Market – San Francisco Bay Area, CA

San Francisco - treasure island flea market - Duluoz cats

Treasure Island is probably one of the best place in San Francisco to spend the day thrifting, eating, and soaking up some sun. With a selection of 400+ local vendors selling a pretty decent selection of offerings ranging from vintage comics to antique vases, collectibles, furniture, re-purposed items and other rare finds, the Treasure Island flea market is worth the short trip and definitely less overwhelming than the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA. Continue Reading >>

#5. Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market – Long Beach, CA


Located right in the heart of Southern California’s patio-living culture (nearly smack-dab between Los Angeles and Orange County), the Long Beach Outdoor Antique and Collectible Market hosts a huge assortment of outdoor furniture, garden ceramics and statuary. Continue reading >>

#6. Alemany Flea Market – San Francisco Bay Area, CA

San Francisco - Alemany flea market - Nathan Guy

Rather small in comparison to the Alameda gargantuan flea market, the Alemany flea market provides nonetheless a nice afternoon stroll for hidden treasure. Held every Sunday (while Alameda is a monthly faire), this outdoor community flea market is known for its abundance of antiques and vintage valuables. Continue Reading >>

Other must do flea markets in the San Francisco Bay Area

Besides Alameda, Treasure Island and Alemany, the San Francisco Bay Area hosts a few other flea markets that offer plenty of random kitsch and vintage stuff to please thrifters and cheap-a-holics. From Berkeley to West End, Solano, and the Bay Area Community College Flea Markets, local Bay Area flea markets offer some great prices as well as unexpected finds. In fact, the Bay Area boasts some of the best flea markets in the country. Continue reading >>

#7. Jamestown Village Flea Market – Orange County, CA


One of Orange County’s favorite flea market, The Jamestown Village Vintage Flea Market offers a vast array of collectibles and antiques from all over Southern California. While perusing the 4-5 aisles / 8-10 rows of this flea market, personal collectors as well as antique shop dealer have been known to uncover rare vintage finds such as antique dolls, vintage toys, old books, retro bikes, old-fashioned typewriters, vintage kitchenware and other fascinating relics.

Besides the fact it hosts a great selection of dealers to shop from – at reasonable prices – the Jamestown Village Vintage Flea Market offers a more personal experience than other local flea markets do: the dealers will spend time talking to you about an item or where they got it.

The Jamestown Village Vintage Flea Market is open to the public every fourth Sunday of each month from 8am to 3pm, and is admission free.

Jamestown Village Vintage Flea Market 
474 El Camino Real Tustin, CA 92780

#8. San José flea market – San José, CA

San Jose Flea Market

A true California landmark with more than 2,000 stalls spreading over 8 miles worth of aisles, and where up to 4 million visitors flock each year, the San José flea market is almost as big as the iconic Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Offering an array of goods ranging from jewelry, furniture, collectibles and clothing, to fruit, vegetables, toys, books, cars, car stereo equipment, toiletries, artwork, tools, cookware, and cosmetics, among other things, the San José flea market might not be though the best place to hunt for antiques. It is nonetheless an intriguing venue. Continue reading >>

Click on the image below to visualize all our California flea markets on an interactive map, and to sign up for a calendar of all upcoming flea markets and antique fairs around the world.


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  1. I love learning all this about the Flea markets and the Flea Market Hunter! It is wonderful! My question is where can you find out about becoming a vendor at one of these places. Is there an application you fill out, and what is the cost of a sight to sell on? I see many people are just outside their camper or travel trailer….., How do you find out the rules?
    Thank you for all the great information!!!! I love flea markets and it is great to read about them. Thank you!

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