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Flea Markets in the US: 6 must do flea markets from East Coast to West Coast


If you’re planning a trip soon to the US (or if you’re already living there and that driving East to West Coast is no big deal for you…), and if you enjoy touring flea markets to find buried treasures, then you should probably take a moment to read this interesting review by Phoebe Assenza for Shelter Pop to get the most of your next adventure at the flea market.

Those of us with a soft spot for nostalgia or a pirate’s-level enthusiasm for buried antique treasures and antiques roadshows, know there are few greater joys than whiling away a Sunday at an overstuffed flea market. If it weren’t for these indoor and outdoor bazaars brimming with vintage finds, we would have a lot less to brag about.

From the coast of California to the borough of Brooklyn, these are the best flea markets to find your new favorite antiques and vintage things.


  1. Philadelphia Flea Market News

    Don’t forget Philadelphia. Often overlooked, Philadelphia has a rich and diverse flea market history. Many organizations running lots of different events. Especially in the spring and fall many special-event markets that pop-up at churches, historical landmarks, and old warehouses.

    • Hi Philadelphia Flea Market News, and thanks for sharing your tip! You’re right: Philadelphia is unfairly overlooked sometimes and should be worth mentioned in the top 50 flea markets in the US! As a matter of facts, we have created a special platform on which flea markets lovers can register for free their favorite flea markets:
      Here is the listing for the US: (approx 30 registered flea markets)
      Please feel free to add a new listing for Philadelphia and share the word about it via fleamapket :)

  2. Philadelphia Flea Market News

    Thanks for responding to my comment and for the information. I will certainly check it out.

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