Arindam Ghosh Rogers flea Market
Arindam Ghosh Rogers flea Market

Rogers Flea Market: A Treasure Trove in the Heart of Ohio

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Discover a treasure trove where rarity meets reality at the Rogers Flea Market in Ohio, USA. Often heralded by regulars with the phrase “If it’s not here, it’s nowhere,” this bustling market is a far cry from the typical flea market. With its sprawling expanse and eclectic array of goods, this flea market truly embodies its playful boast, offering an unparalleled shopping experience that may just back up its confident claim.

The Rogers Flea Market was founded in 1955 by Lucille and Emmet Baer, an established auctioneer. At that time, the Rogers Community Auction was a small barn sale that sold produce, eggs and miscellaneous items every Friday. In less than 50 years, it has grown into the 250-acre market it is today, with more than 1,600 vendor spaces and 50,000 attendees each week.

Rogers Flea Market: an Ohio favorite and award-winning market

Also known as the Rogers Community Auction, the market’s evolution is a testament to the vision and dedication of its founders. Originally a small operation focused on selling local produce and eggs, it has grown into an award-winning destination consistently ranked among the top flea markets in Ohio and across the country. Its location, an hour and a half from Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Wheeling, makes it a convenient and popular destination for a wide range of visitors.

The variety of items available at the Rogers Flea Market is amazing. Shoppers can find an array of antiques, collectibles, vintage hand tools, clothing, home decor and more. It is no wonder that this market is consistently ranked as one of the best flea markets in Ohio. It is also an award-winning market that attracts people from neighboring states. In fact, it is considered one of the top 20 flea markets in the United States!

The Rogers Flea Market also prides itself on its fresh produce and meat markets, attracting food enthusiasts and vintage collectors alike. Each vendor brings a unique flavor to the market, making it a haven for those seeking both the rare and the commonplace.

Vintage, Antiques & Auctions

One of the market’s unique features is its monthly Tuesday auction, which features a range of items from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The Rogers Flea Market’s Facebook page provides a preview of these auction items, allowing potential buyers to plan their visits accordingly. This level of organization extends to the market’s online presence, where a well-documented website offers maps, event dates, and detailed overviews of what shoppers can expect in each building or pavilion.

Visitors to the Rogers Flea Market are often amazed at the variety of vintage items available. From kitchen tools to silverware, old colorful cans perfect for decorating or storage, shabby chic kitchen furniture, vintage cameras and postcards, wooden puzzles, nostalgic metal signs and antique garden tools, the market is a haven for collectors and decorators. While vintage cars and pickup trucks are rare finds, regular visitors might just stumble upon these coveted items.

The year-round market offers different experiences depending on the season and time of day. Summer mornings are especially lively, although rainy days offer unique finds among the indoor vendors. Accessibility is a key feature of the Rogers Flea Market, with no admission fee, ample free parking, and a welcoming atmosphere for buses and large groups.

For those looking to make a day of it, the market’s proximity to Beaver Creek State Park offers the opportunity to combine a shopping adventure with outdoor activities.

Live music and local treats

Mary’s Donuts, an Amish-owned bakery, is a culinary must at the Rogers Flea Market. The sweet, glazed goods praised by many of the market’s visitors will give you some energy for the tireless walking and scavenging. It’s easy to find the bakery, as there’s always a long line outside. Live music often adds to the atmosphere of the market, with artists such as Dave Morgan or the Ben Flint Band.

In summary, the Rogers Flea Market is not only a shopping destination, it’s a cultural experience. It embodies the spirit of community and commerce, offering a little something for everyone.

Contact Details

Where: 45625 Old State Rte 154, Rogers, OH 44455, United States

When: Every Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., year-round. Select Saturday Markets: 8 am – 4 pm on the first Saturday of the month from April through October.