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The Magic of TreasureFest: A Monthly Celebration on Treasure Island

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Every last full weekend of the month, Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay Area transforms into the vibrant hub of TreasureFest. This indie craft and antique fair, which has been thriving since 2011, blends live music, extensive shopping, and over twenty-five food vendors ranging from local favorites to emerging startups.

Originally known as the Treasure Island Flea Market, the event features over 400 local vendors offering a diverse array of products, including vintage goods, antiques, and a plethora of handmade items. This marketplace is a haven for jewelry makers, budding designers, candle makers, and various artisans, all set against the scenic backdrop of Treasure Island, just across the bay from San Francisco and Berkeley.

The genesis of TreasureFest

In May 2011, Angie and Charles Ansanelli launched TreasureFest, inspired by the well-established Alameda Point Antiques Faire. Their vision was to foster community involvement and spotlight local talent and businesses. The two-day outdoor market then known as the Treasure Island Flea Market, quickly became a household name, attracting a unique mix of indie designers, artists, crafters, food vendors, musicians, and a variety of visitors, including pets.

Located on Treasure Island, it became synonymous with great food, inviting vibes, and stunning views. Originally conceived as a casual, monthly gathering with a mix of antiques and a fresh artistic twist, TreasureFest has evolved significantly. In 2016, it moved to the west side of the island, offering breathtaking views of the eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Compared to the Treasure Island Flea Market, which focused on vintage and antiques, TreasureFest has more of an indie craft fair vibe. Food trucks, live music, scavenger hunts, and unique themes for each edition are TreasureFest’s DNA, reminiscent of a real-life Etsy festival.

TreasureFest Today

Today, TreasureFest presents a bustling marketplace of over 400 ever-changing vendors along a picturesque waterfront promenade. These vendors showcase a diverse array of items ranging from creatively upcycled handbags and intricately handcrafted necklaces to retro vintage clothing and exclusive limited edition art prints. The fair also offers an immersive experience with an assortment of food trucks, captivating live music, interactive DIY workshops, and a generous selection of beverages.

While the fair has evolved to include a more contemporary flair, it continues to cater to vintage and antique enthusiasts. This segment of the show offers a rich selection of retro fashions, classic comic books, unique vases, timeless furniture, and an assortment of rare collectibles sourced from various corners of California and beyond. Most importantly, prices at TreasureFest remain attractive and competitive, especially considering the typically higher cost standards of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Maximizing Your TreasureFest Experience

To maximize your TreasureFest experience, please consider the following tips.

  • The event is pet-friendly, but make sure your dog is comfortable in crowds.
  • Seating areas are available for breaks, but they fill up quickly, so bring a picnic blanket.
  • Saturdays typically offer a wider selection of items, while Sundays may offer better bargaining opportunities, especially with vendors selling bulky items.
  • Since the lineup of vendors changes monthly, it’s a good idea to grab business cards for future contact.
  • Themed markets, such as the 2017 Holiday Market with Santa and artificial snow, add a special touch.
  • Culinary delights abound, with approximately 35-40 food vendors each month, as well as bar tents serving beer, wine, and cocktails.
  • The event also caters to children with activities such as giant Jenga and chalk stations.
  • TreasureFest runs from February through November on the last full weekend of each month, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is $4 online or $7 at the gate, with free admission for children under 12.

Explore Treasure Island

Treasure Island is also a hub for urban wineries, with about six located here, often in repurposed military buildings. Notable spots include Sottomarino Winery and Treasure Island Wines. History buffs will appreciate the Treasure Island Museum, which chronicles the island’s history since its creation for the Golden Gate International Exposition in the 1930s. For outdoor activities, the Treasure Island Sailing Center offers kayak and paddleboard rentals with stunning views of the Bay Bridge.

Navigating to TreasureFest

TreasureFest ensures visitor comfort with ample restroom facilities and plenty of free parking. Located on Treasure Island, it is easily accessible by car from both San Francisco and Oakland, although travelers from the East Bay should be aware of the $6 bridge toll.

For those who prefer public transportation, the Muni 25 bus offers a direct route from downtown San Francisco. In addition, a designated bike path from the East Bay provides a scenic and environmentally friendly alternative for accessing the island. These diverse transportation options make TreasureFest an accessible destination for a wide range of visitors.

TreasureFest San Francisco on Treasure Island

AddressCalifornia Aven. & Ave. N, Treasure Island, San Francisco, California 94130
When: Last Saturday and Sunday of the month (except in December) – check the organizer’s website for details.

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