Why Treasurefest (Treasure Island Flea market) is one of the hottest flea markets in the SF Bay Area

Since 2011, the Treasure Island Flea market (or TreasureFest) has been one of the major flea markets in the bay area, taking place on the last weekend of every month (except December and January). The 400+ local vendors on Treasure Island, San Francisco, offer a mix of vintage, antiques, and a large selection of handmade items. Jewelry makers, young designers, candle makers, artists and artisans of all kinds can be found on Treasure Island San Francisco, across the bay from San Francisco and Berkeley.

Treasure Fest on Treasure Island San Francisco - flea markets in SF bay area
Treasure Fest on Treasure Island, San Francisco, California (CA) (Credit: organizers)

TreasureFest SF is more than a regular flea market: Expect no less than a full-fledged festival taking place at Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay, including food trucks, live music, scavenger hunts and special themes for each monthly edition. Treasure Fest feels a little as if the online shop Etsy had materialized into a real-life festival.

⚠ COVID-19: Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, show schedules might be subject to change. Please consult promoter’s social media and website before heading out. COVID-19 live updates

Vintage and antiques-wise, the Treasure Island Flea market still offers a pretty decent selection of items, including vintage fashion, vintage comics, antique vases, collectibles, furniture, re-purposed items, and other rare finds, sourced in California and beyond. Generally, Treasure Fest is reasonably priced if you are looking to buy – especially for the San Francisco Bay Area.

What makes the Treasure Island Flea market truly unique, is its breathtaking view over the city skylines of the Bay Area. So if you’re looking to take some nice pictures of San Francisco or Berkeley, Treasure Island is a great place to go.

TreasureFest - Treasure Island Flea Market, San Francisco Bay Area, California
TreasureFest – Treasure Island Flea Market, San Francisco Bay Area, California

Tips for Treasure Island flea market (TreasureFest)

  • If you visit on Saturdays, you may have a larger selection of items and a larger variety of popular items to choose from.
  • If you visit on Sundays, you may have more bargaining power since vendors (especially the ones with heavy items), may not want to haul all their wares back. Despite having a smaller selection, there might be new wares on display that vendors did not have space for on Saturday.
  • ATM machines are available and some vendors accept credit cards, but it is advisable to bring cash to Treasure Island, as the lines in front of the ATM may be long.
  • Get your camera phones ready – the views of San Francisco are spectacular!
  • Don’t be surprised that there is a small admission fee of $5 charged at the entrance.
  • Before heading back to the city, go explore the multiple wineries on Treasure Island, San Francisco, then take in a close view of the New Bay Bridge.

Last but not least, the Treasure Island Flea market hosts the largest monthly food event in Northern California, with over 40 food trucks as well as outdoor bars, serving tasty cocktails. The food trucks boast a broad range of offerings from Asian food to tasty burgers.

San Francisco treasure island flea market food trucks Gary Stevens
San Francisco treasure island flea market food trucks Gary Stevens

To sum it up, the TreasureFest flea market is a festival where you can spend a lovely day with your family, enjoying the food, vibrant atmosphere, and entertainment. And, with a little luck, Treasure Island will live up to its name and you will go home with a vintage treasure.

TreasureFest San Francisco on Treasure Island

Address: California Aven. & Ave. N, Treasure Island, San Francisco, California 94130
Schedule: Last Saturday and Sunday of the month (except in December) – check the organizer’s website for details.
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