Flea Markets in Italy: 10 must do flea markets in Rome


What could be better than strolling age-old cobblestone streets in search of the perfect gift? For travelers who are always looking for something original, or for the perfect treasures to bring home, Rome’s flea markets are the place to go.

At Roman flea markets, one could spend hours strolling through colorful displays of clothing, trinkets and even local food! And the best of all? These markets offer all kinds of competitively priced goods! Antiques, collectibles, new and second-hand clothing, furniture and decor items are all up for grabs at weekend markets located along some of Rome’s most frequented streets and squares.

If this is your first time in Rome, keep in mind that anyone who has ever shopped in the sprawling flea markets in Rome will tell you two distinct things: wear comfortable shoes and come armed with a wallet full of Euro and well tested negotiating skills! Haggling with Italians is generally speaking a pleasant experience: They always overdo it and the show is worth it!

So, a Ristretto and off you go to discover our list of Rome’s Top 10 flea markets!

Map of Rome's flea markets


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  1. Leah Dauramanzi

    I am wanting to go to Roma to buy bags and shoes where can I go for wholesale selling.


    • Hi Leah,

      When it comes to shopping, Rome offers many possibilities: Italy’s capital city has boutique shops streets where you will find luxury brand clothing made in Italy. There are also factory stock outlets in the surburb of the city where you can get cheap designer clothes due to 30-70% discount. For instance, the most prestigious designer shops In Rome are located on Piazza di Spagna and surrounding streets. And a good place to buy designer labels at a discount in Rome is Castel Romano Designer Outlet (link:http://tinyurl.com/k2zd7e8) located in Pomezia which is 30 km south from Rome Italy.

      Also remember that in Rome, there are also many specialized workshops where you can buy or order a fur coat at the best prices in Italy. But if you really want to go to the temple of fashion, consider a trip to Milan and Florence :)

  2. Babs

    The Borgo Parioloi market is produce — nice produce — and the rest is just junk. Not a vintage piece of anything. Poor quality cheap clothing and household items. Not worth the trip AT ALL.

  3. Vittorio

    Be great to have subway directions for each of these main markets…cannot find a searchable site to put in addresses to know what line/ stop. Aiutami per favore!

    • Ciao Vittorio, you’re absolutely right! Subway directions are a must when it comes to finding the nearest subway/bus/tramway stop to a flea market. As a matter of facts, this is something we will slowly be adding to all our flea market reviews around the world (with more than 150 entries, this will take a bit of time though…). In the meantime, please feel free to use our other website http://www.fleamapket.com to help you spot the nearest subway station to the flea markets of your choice.

      Here’s the page featuring all flea markets in Rome: http://www.fleamapket.com/location/rome/

      At the end of each listing, you will find a little box with 4 tabs: Contact Details, Opening Times, Send to a Friend, Get Directions. “Get Directions” helps you figure out how to get to each venue by public transportation, car, walking or bicycle :)

      Enjoy your trip to Rome’s flea markets!

  4. Carole Estes

    ALERT: The flea Mkt in Borgo Parioli is NOT THERE. Not there at all. Wasted most of a day looking for it. Asked local shopkeepers, widened my search area. Not There!

    • Hi Carole, sorry to hear about this :( When did you visit the Borgo Parioli Mercatino? As you know, this flea market only runs three times a month.
      I’ve checked once again on other resources online (in Italian) and all of them indicate that this market is located on Via Metauro, 24, 00198 Roma, Italy.

      I’ll ask friends in Rome if they know if the Borgo Parioli flea market has been discontinued or not.

  5. Laura Hawk

    These market lists are either are not accurate or are not updated. Went to Porta Portese and Via Sannio markets in Rome. THEY ALL SELL THE SAME CHEAP CRAP THAT’S SOLD AT MARKETS ALL OVER EUROPE!!! It takes quite a bit of effort to plan your day around these markets and to walk, sometimes for miles and miles, to get there. UPDATE YOUR LISTS FLEAMARKETINSIDERS.

    • Dear Laura, we’re sorry to hear about your bad shopping experience in Rome.The editorial team of fleamarketinsiders prides itself in providing accurate information when it comes to flea markets. However, we always recommend to double check that information with another source.

      Porta Portese and Via Sannio are actually the only two markets of this list (together with the Campo de’ Fiori) which are not Antiques Market. Both Porta Portese and Via Sannio sell second-hand items and knock-off products. Porta Portese nonetheless, has a few booth selling antiques (as far as we remember). The best flea markets to go antiques shopping in Roma, are those labeled “(ANTIQUES MARKET)”.

      We hope this information will be useful to you for your next trip to Roma.

    • Hi Catherine, La Soffitta sotto i Portici is a tiny gem in Rome located under the arcades of Piazza Augusto Imperatore (which are worth the trip on their own). This flea market hosts over 60 stands selling all kind of vintage merchandises, antique jewelry, furniture, artwork and other collectibles & modern-day objects. Here is a little review of this flea market: https://www.fleamapket.com/listing/la-soffitta-sotto-i-portici/

      La Soffitta sotto i Portici is held every Sunday (except during August) from 9am-7pm, and has become in the past couple of years a point of reference for collectors who are looking for vintage items. Entrance is free of charge. Address: Piazza Augusto Imperatore, San Carlo al Corso (Rome).

      As always with flea markets, always check their date of operations. In the case of La Soffitta sotto i Portici, some say it operates on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, other every Sunday. The flea market’s facebook page mentions that La Soffitta sotto i Portici runs every Sunday of the year (except in August).

    • Jenny payne

      Yes they are great but you need a good eye if you want to buy as it is so big and lots the same but you can get a bargain ( a great pair of leather Italian shoes €25) I’m in fashion in Australia so know what’s good or not. The. Just wonder down to Trastevere that was alive and exciting

  6. Lisa

    I am going to Italy this summer. What is the best flea market to go to in the Tuscany area. With affordable prices.

  7. Nilufer Akpinar Sahin

    Hello there! Do you have any recommendations on where I could shop for antique/vintage bottles in Rome? If not the flea markets (because unfortunately I will be in Rome only Monday – Thursday but not on Sunday :( ), is there a specific neighborhood / area where there are vintage shops selling old glass bottles? Thanks!

  8. Sompa

    Is there a possibility for a traveller to come to rome and sell his art in one of these flea markets in Rome? If yes does anyone know how to book a table there?

  9. It would be great if there were a site where you could enter your dates that you would be in that city and it will indicate which fle markets are taking place at that time. IT is crazy that you have to pay to get this information.

    • Hi Sandra, there are indeed a couple of websites that let you input a specific date and location, and show you flea markets taking place near there on that day. However, these websites are exclusively covering specific regions (France, Italy, Denmark, etc), are often not available in English, and only provide a succinct description of the venue. The reason we decided to offer our calendar on fleamapket.com as a premium feature, is to cover the cost of researching accurate content (travelling to the location or researching it and sometimes translating it from French, German, Spanish or Italian), writing it, and keeping it up to date. In fact, every dollar earned through our premium subscription is integrally re-invested in fleamapket.com (minus taxes) so we can continue adding new venues and events to our calendar. Last but not least, fleamapket.com is one of not-so-many websites which isn’t financed through advertising. So no ads there :) We hope you’ll continue enjoying the free version of fleamapket.com

  10. Helen


    I am planning to visit Italy on January. Which place is better for buying vintage or unused clothes in low prices? Rome or Milan? Could you please tell me some of the most hip flea markets?

    Thanks a lot :)

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