Retro Technology Lego Kits

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Feeling nostalgic about the 1980s/1990s? Jack-of-all-trades artist and designer Chris McVeigh has taken his love of retro technology to the next level by creating awesome minimalist LEGO models of our most beloved outmoded technology: LEGO Atari and Nintendo Game Systems, analog phones and retro cameras, bulky Macintosh computers, and tube televisions are given new life with McVeigh’s adorably nostalgic LEGO sculptures.

The LEGO master has used the retro bricks to pay tribute to some of our favorite technology from the not so distant past. The minimalist designs are clad in the signature tans, browns, and yellow hues that were favored in the 1980s, making each model look as authentic as the real thing. Video game consoles we begged our parents for in our childhoods have been retooled in nearly identical-looking LEGOs.

A rotary phone, which seems a far cry from today’s smartphones, was made from shiny black bricks (available in red too) complete with a clear plastic dialer and nubby phone cord. Bulky Macintosh computers in their familiar beige join equally massive television models that predate flat-screen TVs.

McVeigh’s use of LEGOs, a retro toy in itself, is a fitting material to use to pay homage to the technology of our past. And not only does he design and photograph them, but also makes them available assets you can buy in his shop, or as instructions, you can download freely on his site. He also turns many of his LEGO-themed illustrations and photos into prints which you can find on Society6 to spruce up your walls.

All Photos © Chris McVeigh Photography