10 Beach Ideas & Accessories with a Vintage Look

Summer is well and truly upon us. It’s time to dig out our swimming costumes, find our beach towels, slather ourselves with sun cream and head towards the golden coast! The early twentieth century offers a lot of inspiration when it comes to seaside accessories – we’re thinking 1920s retro swimming caps, pinstripe wooden deck chairs, and kitsch cat-eye sunglasses.

We’ve saved you the trouble of searching for retro beach goodies and compiled a list of the coolest vintage accessories for sale online at the moment.  If it’s not on this list, then you don’t need it…

#1. English-style picnic hamper set

Dine in style with this divine hand-woven willow picnic hamper set. Keep it in the boot of your car, and you’ll be prepared for a spontaneous picnic at all times. Whether you’re at the beach, at a park, or in the middle of the woods – you can fill this hamper up with food and indulge in an al fresco feast!

Available here

#2. Cat-eye sunglasses

These classic cat-eye frame sunglasses ooze 1950s chic style. Pop them on for an effortless, trendy look. This pair is breathtaking, we’re mesmerized by the ivory pearl and gold finish. Cat-eye frame glasses are simply timeless and will always be in fashion!

Available here

#3. Ring toss game

A trip to the beach is incomplete without playing a silly game. Ring toss is a classic that’s popular with the whole family. This retro wooden set comes with six rope rings, two numbered boards and five screw-on pins. It takes just seconds to assemble, and you can easily spend hours playing it!

Available here

#4. High waist bikini

Feel like a pin-up goddess as you swim in the sea in this glorious high-waist bikini. Available in many different designs, you can wear polka dots, stripes, and other colorful patterns. And, high waist bikinis are always a good option if you’re feeling bloated after indulging in a few too many Pina Coladas…

Available here

#5. Fleece picnic blanket with carrier

This picnic blanket is stylish and practical – it comes with its own unique faux-leather carrier so you can easily roll it up and take it around with you. The back of the blanket is waterproof – so even if it was drizzling earlier on in the day, you can still relax on the ground safe in the knowledge you won’t get a damp backside!

Available here

#6. Lace travel parasol

When on the beach, it’s not often easy to locate a shady tree to sit under. Which is why it’s useful to have a travel parasol on hand. This lace umbrella is absolutely divine. Simply stick it in the sand and let it prop itself up, keep your face and any other body part you want to conceal underneath this stunning parasol.

Available here

#7. Vintage deck chair

Sit back and relax in this vintage deck chair made with mango wood and 100% cotton fabric. If you can’t decide on a favorite fabric design, you can buy separate covers and regularly change it up. These aren’t easy for carrying around if you’re going abroad – however, these deck chairs are perfect if you’re driving down to your nearest beach!

Available here

#8. Bamboo wood silk folding fan

Cool yourself down from the sweltering heat in the classiest way possible – with delicate, vintage bamboo wood and silk fan. Folding fans were very popular in the early 20th century, first in the Art Nouveau style, followed by the Art Deco style. Choose from black, navy blue, baby pink, white and many other colours.

Available here

#9. Portable MP3 speaker

With this funky, retro portable MP3 player you can listen to vintage oldies whilst soaking up the sun’s rays. Its colorful design will brighten up a dull day – after all going to the beach is all about having fun! What’s more, this MP3 player is sand and water-resistant – it’s almost as if it was made for the beach.

Available here

#10. Retro swimming cap

Keep your hair dry with these retro style swimming caps. Swim for hours on end without worrying about your hair getting wet or becoming damaged. They’re made from stretchy latex which means they’ll fit over almost any sized head!

Available here

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