Ahmedabad flea market small1
Ahmedabad flea market small1

Flea Market: Ahmedabad Flea Market – Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India)

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As you near the Ravivari or Gujri Bazaar on the bank of Sabarmati, near Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad all you can hear is the cacophony of customers bargaining and fixing prices at the local flea market. You can see vendors occupying their places on the charpoys with their wares on both sides of the roads and the reclaimed area on the river bank. The flea market resembles a fair with choc-a- block streets.

Living heritage called “Gujri Baazar”, Ahmedabad’s oldest market, Ravivari, is also called “Ravivari Baazar” a unique flea market started almost 600 years back by Sultan Ahmed Shah, the founder of Ahmedabad. Since decades, the Gujri bazaar has operated as an open flea market on Sundays, catering to the needs of people from nearby towns and villages as well as from the locality. It is estimated that over 5,000 people visit the flea market every Sunday. There is huge variety on sale like furniture, household utensils, stoves, handcarts, cycles, electronic goods, second-hand items, antique, clothes, books, foodstuff and even animals and of course some stolen goods too. Here’s a quick guide of the flea market.

Ahmedabad Flea Market: Furniture, clothing and electronics

The Sunday market has everything from a needle to spear. In furniture you can spot chairs, tables, computer tables and cots lined up one after another on the sides of the streets. Old and second hand jeans, skirts and sarees are strewn over cots though they aren’t too attractive to look at. That apart, you will find electronic items, computer parts and other gadgets here.

Ahmedabad Flea Market: Antiques

There are showpieces, brassware, pots, jewelry boxes with intricate carving and antiquated items that look like they belong to some Mughal period. You may even stumble upon the most unexpected things like gramophone records, rare coins, stamps, saxophone etc. If you are lucky enough you may end up owning some interesting antique pieces.

Ahmedabad Flea Market: Books

As you move forward, you will come to a place where you will find vendors selling lots of books piled up in front of them on the ground. This market is a treasure trove of second hand and old books ranging from philosophy, politics, classics, art, literature, encyclopedias and so on. If you are in search of rare books and magazines then this is the perfect place to visit in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad Flea Market: Knick knacks

Then there is crockery, fabrics, combs, aluminum utensils, spanners, screwdrivers, playing cards, mirrors, brassware, watches, vehicle parts and much more at Ravivari market.

MetroMela’s  Tips

•    Ravivari’s flea market is not a place for high-end shopping.
•    Your success in striking a good deal lies in your bargaining power and you can manage to get things at throwaway prices. Ask for one fourth of the price quoted by the seller.
•    Once you buy the product forget about warranty and exchange.
•    Don’t pick a fight with the vendor or you will end up falling in trouble as the area is dominated by them.
•    Make sure to visit this flea market in the morning as by noon the entire area becomes overcrowded.
•    Forget about parking, it is next to impossible.