Airstream DecoLiner by Blastolene 002
Airstream DecoLiner by Blastolene 002

Airstream: DecoLiner by Blastolene Cars

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If you thought you had seen it all when it comes to custom Airstreams and 1950s fantasy-vehicles, then let us introduce you to the DecoLiner.

Built on the chassis of a 1973 GMC Motorhome chassis and a cab from a 1955 White COE, the stunningly amazing DecoLiner is a Blastolene special.

Its entire body was hand-fabricated from aluminium by Randy Grubb, with the help of the talented team of Blastolene Cars.

From the outside the DecoLiner looks pretty similar to a typical 1950s Airstream which would have been merged with an Astrovan: rounded silver aluminum body (“bullet shaped“), rounded windows, pastel colors. Once you step inside, you’re in a different world; the DecoLiner is surprisingly spacious for its size, and it is really well organized with a couch, extra seating and a kitchenette.

But the most stunning feature of the DecoLiner is probably the fully functioning fly-bridge which allows the driver to comfortably steer this motorhome directly from the roof. I can’t help but think about a motor yacht when I see this interior/exterior bridge with a steering wheel.

Built in only one exemplar, this amazing work of art took him 18 months to complete.

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Did you know that?

For decades, NASA has used a fleet of Airstream motorhomes to transport astronauts to the launch pad. The space shuttle program used a modified 1983 Airstream Excella beginning in 1984 dubbed the Astrovan.