Home decor ideas 2
Home decor ideas 2

Timeless Designs: Evergreen Vintage Tricks to Bend the Decor Rules

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Bob Dylan once said the greatest truth so beautifully – The times they are a changin’. Nevertheless, somehow the notion of beauty and its effects remain timeless.

Perhaps the best example of this can be seen in the fact that design and fashion do not advance in straight line but revolve about same evergreen ideas over and over again. One day, something is considered vintage yet tomorrow it is back, brighter and more glorious than it was even in its prime.

Here are just few examples of how true this is and how much a dash of a vintage style and a few simple interior design rules can do for your home.

Let there be light

According to numerous beliefs, the first fruit of divine creation was light. With this in mind, should a mortal dare to put anything above it. Natural light is one of the most important things and its illumination can make all the difference in your room.

Further utilize it by painting your walls in colors that are known to perceptively change during the day. You can always try vintage dim grey with a hint of red in it, since evening hours have inclination to turn this color into a dazzling mauve.

Vintage Purple Power

Manipulating the space

A proper chandelier can easily influence the room seem smaller or larger depending on your personal preference. We can see this in The Great Gatsby (2013) where low hanging luxurious chandeliers make room seem a bit smaller.

Even though people in the roaring 1920s were all about exaggeration, leaving the ceiling appear too high would make the room simply look empty. A fine vintage chandelier or even a pendant lamp can do the same for your home.

vintage chandelier

Next thing you could use to visually manipulate space is for insance by using a proper area rug. For that vintage look, you can always simply try to revamp your old rug. If not, you can buy a new one, and with a carefully chosen retro inspired design to achieve the same effect.

A perfect on screen example of this, is Holly Golightly’s apartment in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961). Here, with a cunning use of a tiny area rug under the sitting area, she managed to make her apartment look huge even though in reality its size is moderate at very best.

Manipulating the space - Breakfast-at-Tiffanys

Furnishing and accessorizing

Now that foundation has been successfully lain, it is time to wrap it up. Still, furnishing your room in vintage style requires more footwork and exploration than anything else.

First stop you should definitely visit is your own basement. With just a bit of paint, a cupboard, chair or a coffee table that may be older than your place itself can be easily brought back to life. Although this may sound a bit nostalgic, it is true that they don’t make them anymore like they used to back in the days.

Home decor ideas

Because of this, getting an old white cupboard and repainting it in order to reinvigorate it is always a welcome idea. Also, remember to accessorize your walls – an old family photograph in a vintage wooden frame looks good on any wall. If this seems too cliché, use wallpaper cutouts to create your own custom wall ornaments or resort to some other DIY wall art ideas. A world is your oyster.


You should never be afraid to experiment with various combinations of old and new. Elements of the past and of the future can easily be combined to make something better than either. Start creating a style of your own and let your home be your canvas.