7 Laverton Rubble Riches Market 006
7 Laverton Rubble Riches Market 006

Laverton Rubble And Riches Market

Laverton Rubble and Riches market advertises itself as having approximately 1000 stalls -exaggeration. This enormous marketplace takes an eternity to sift through however dedicated and passionate visitors are guaranteed a memorable day. Amongst general bric-a-brac and the odd D.I.Y tools, there are genuine relics to be found and admired.

With such variety and the sheer size of the market, Laverton Rubble and Riches is the place to be for all those eager bargain hunters willing to sort through box after box in search of that golden treasure.

Laverton Rubble And Riches can be a daunting place to visit at first. There are numerous stalls selling ‘new’ products and plenty of places to fix your electronic items. It takes a moment to gather your thoughts but once you do you will notice that there are countless vendors selling the more traditional flea market finds. Plus there really are some fantastic bargains to be had.

Laverton Rubble And Riches Market is split into two areas: a large market outside and two large pavilions inside. It is highly recommended to visit inside first as the items on offer here tend to be of better quality. From exquisite rugs and beautiful vintage clothing to decorative homewares and elegant antiques, spending your day searching through the giant halls is certain to bring its rewards.

What to find at Laverton Rubble And Riches Market

The ‘second hand’ section at Laverton Rubble And Riches Market is definitely the area to aim for if you are seeking out the perfect antique find. This however is not the easiest of tasks. Due to the size and nature of the event, the phrase ‘trash or treasure’ springs to mind. This is by no means a negative thing. The joy of hunting through so many diverse objects is what makes Laverton Rubble And Riches unique.

The amount of clothing available to look through at Laverton Rubble And Riches is breathtaking. With low prices and all imaginable styles catered for, re-stocking your wardrobe is a high possibility. Although there is nothing rare and special to set the market apart from others, it is, again, the sheer size and volume of products on offer that make it difficult not to discover the perfect new outfit.

There are a number of food vendors throughout the market ready and waiting to refuel the family. You can find all the usual flea market fayre here. However, the doughnuts are something visitors often rave about. If you are bringing the family along, there are some play areas to keep the kids entertained as well as thousands of toys available to purchase for under $1. No matter what you come to Laverton Rubble And Riches for, the whole family is bound to leave with a present and a smile.

Where: 8-18 Leakes Rd, Laverton North VIC 3026, Australia
$1 entry fee which includes parking
When: Every Saturday and Sunday from 7 am until 4 pm
Website: http://market.com.au