Fleamapket photo phone NYC2
Fleamapket photo phone NYC2

6 years, 1.3 million visitors, and 1000 marketplaces later: a new milestone for fleamapket

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Today we have reached a new milestone on fleamapket.com. Our online directory of the world’s best flea markets, antique stores and antique fairs has just added its 1000th marketplace to its list of the world’s best marketplaces dedicated to antiques and vintage. What a journey since the launch of the site.

Our flea market guide and antique fair directory, which was discretely launched in June 2016 with only 20 emblematic flea markets at the time, has become 6 years later a true reference in the world of antique and flea market lovers. Fleamapket now has over 1280 paying customers including antique dealers, interior architects, renowned designers, artists, and simple antique lovers, and is visited monthly by over 20,000 enthusiasts from all over the world – 1.3 million since the inception, for a total of 3.42 million page views.

The encouraging messages we have received regularly over the past 6 years, as well as the exponential increase in the number of premium users on fleamapket, have been a validation that our flea market guide and antique fair directory concept works.

There is still a long way to go and many flea markets and antique shops to discover. We are dreaming of making fleamapket.com available down the road in other languages, such as French, Spanish and German. Or to add new features that make searching for marketplaces even easier and richer.

But today we take the time to savor the path we have taken, to think about the difficulties that have strewn our way, the pandemic that has made life harder for all of us, the uncertainties. But above all the pleasure of knowing that our hard work has helped many of you to discover new destinations for antiques.

Fleamapket will continue to grow in the coming years, with the goal of being an ever richer resource for lovers of old things. Above all, our project will remain on a human scale, powered by a small handful of passionate editors and antique lovers.