Retro Electronics Papercraft by Dan McPharlin

Dan McPharlin is an artist based in  Adelaide, Australia.  In 2006 he started to work on a series of super-sweet retro electronics handmade cardboard models, known as the Analogue Miniatures. Photographs of these tiny models of fictional synthesizers, computers and tape machines were subsequently used on a variety of record sleeves and magazines.

Dan McPharlin  Mr. Chop Sounds from the Cave 12 EP  Jazz & Milk Recordings 2008     Sleeve design, models and photography Dan McPharlin
Dan McPharlin  Hand-made cardboard model by Dan McPharlin. Produced for Esquire magazine.
Dan McPharlin  Exhibition Analogue Miniatures     13 - 26 February 2008  Spiral Records  Spiral Building  Aoyama, Tokyo
Dan McPharlin Analogue Miniature 17  Hand-made cardboard model by Dan McPharlin.
Dan McPharlin Scale  Hand-made cardboard model by Dan McPharlin

Each piece created by Dan McPharlin is carefully assembled with buttons, wires, and keys. All the details on each miniature artwork are complete. This collection will makes more than one, long for the good old days when people still used analogue equipment.

Click through to Dan’s Flickr page to view the entire collection. All photos © Dan McPharlin