Photo de Kam Idris sur Unsplash
Photo de Kam Idris sur Unsplash

Vintage design: The Mad Men style at home

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The iconic TV series Mad Men not only captivated viewers with its intriguing plots and complex characters, it also set a fashion and interior design trend that continues to influence enthusiasts around the world. Set in the 1960s, the show depicts an era of impeccable style, both in fashion and in the home. This has sparked a renewed interest in vintage design, particularly the sleek, sophisticated aesthetic seen in the offices and homes of Don Draper and his cohorts. Here’s how you can bring Mad Men style into your home, combining the charm of the 60s with contemporary living.

The essence of sixties style

At the heart of the Mad Men aesthetic is mid-century modern design, characterised by clean lines, organic shapes and a seamless flow between function and form. Furniture by iconic designers such as Eames, Saarinen and van der Rohe play an important role in achieving this look. Their designs, often in solid wood or teak with outward-facing legs, are timeless and elegant. Incorporating such pieces, whether an Eames lounge chair or a Saarinen tulip table, can instantly add a touch of Sixties flair to your space.

Vintage accents and accessories

To really capture the Mad Men vibe, it’s all about the details. Vintage items with rounded shapes, such as crystal ashtrays, desk lamps and classic rotary phones, add authenticity and charm. A well-curated cocktail bar, reminiscent of the social culture of the era, serves not only as a focal point for entertaining, but also as a nod to the show’s frequent bar scenes. Adding accessories such as vintage radios, televisions and typewriters can further enhance the ambience and make your space feel like it’s straight out of the show.

The art of finding vintage treasures

Embracing the Mad Men style doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. Original items from the 1950s to 1970s can often be found in antique shops, vintage stores, flea markets and garage sales (don’t miss our “beginners guide to shopping at flea markets” and our “10 Tips for Flea Market Shopping“). Some online platforms offer a huge selection of mid-century modern interiors at reasonable prices. Discovering an original Scandinavian design piece or stumbling across a vintage vase or rug can add a real Sixties charm to your home. Remember, the thrill of the hunt is part of the appeal and finding that perfect piece can be incredibly rewarding.

Blending vintage with modern

Finding the perfect balance between vintage and contemporary is the key to successfully incorporating Mad Men style into your home. It’s about mixing the old with the new in a way that feels cohesive and stylish. This could mean pairing a vintage coffee table with a modern sofa or a mid-century armchair with contemporary art. The aim is to create a space that reflects the elegance and sophistication of the sixties, while still feeling fresh and liveable today.

A note on restraint

When it comes to decorating with a theme in mind, less is often more. The secret to achieving the Mad Men-inspired look is restraint. It’s tempting to fill every nook and cranny with vintage finds, but the real art is in the placement and letting each piece shine. A few well-chosen pieces can make a statement without overwhelming your space, allowing the sixties vibe to blend seamlessly with your personal style.


The Mad Men style, with its emphasis on the mid-century modern aesthetic, offers a timeless approach to interior design. By incorporating key elements from the show – iconic furniture, vintage accessories and the right balance of old and new – you can create a space that feels both nostalgic and thoroughly modern. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the show or simply appreciate the elegance of sixties design, Mad Men style offers endless inspiration for making your home a stylish, welcoming retreat.