vintage flat in Le Marais Paris
vintage flat in Le Marais Paris

Airbnb’s Vintage Inspired Homes

Those of you who are already familiar with Airbnb, will be happy to know that the company has now been curating for quite a while a pretty little wishlist called “The Vintage Advantage” featuring vintage inspired home, like this 130 sqm Roman loft we wrote about last year. As the name suggests, this wishlist showcases homes exclusively furnished with vintage, design and second hand furniture and décor. Of course, the concept of “vintage design” and the quality of material used in furnishing each place varies from one home to another (see the gallery below), but generally speaking, this listing offers quite an interesting lodging alternative, which might feel more genuine than a hotel room.

The “The Vintage Advantage” listing is quite succinct at the moment (19 listings in 10 cities…) but we really hope to see more picks in the near future, as I think this idea is brilliant.

For those of you who are not familiar with Airbnb, well, the difference with staying in an Airbnb apartment instead of a hotel is that it really does give you that feeling of home while on vacation. For instance, instead of saying things like “Lets go back to the hotel and get ready for dinner” you can actually say “Let’s go home and get changed before dinner.”

Personally I like the hotel experience with tiny soaps and fresh towels every day, but in Europe where the standards can sometimes be unpredictable, a vacation-rental apartment can really be the way to go. No tiny closet of a room, no construction in the hallway, no leaving your key at the desk or waiting for the night staff to ring you in when you come back late: it is actually like having your own apartment in Paris, London, Rome, Berlin or NYC (which, lets face it, you could get used to…). And if you’re actually on a flea market/vintage/antiques shopping trip, what could be more pleasant than staying in a place where you are surrounded by vintage furniture and décor? Personally, I love that.

You can check here the Vintage Advantage wishlist.