bermondsey Square
bermondsey Square

Bermondsey Market

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Bermondsey Market is with a sea of relics similar to the loot of Fagan’s street gang quite the experience: It’s half car boot sale, half chic Parisian flea market. Known across London as the place where the dealers come to buy china and silver as well as furniture and glassware, Bermondsey Market offers every possibility of leaving with an amazing find for a bargain price.

Located in Bermondsey Square near the iconic London Shard, this place provides a true contrast between old and new and the probability is high, that somewhere nestled in the 200 stalls – that now also include food, fashion, and craft – your new favorite old antique will be waiting for you.

Bermondsey Market: Early Starter

It is highly recommended to arrive early at the Bermondsey Antiques Market – which is very early as the market is operating on a Friday morning from 6 am (!) – as deals go quickly and vendors begin packing away in the afternoon. With no tube lines running at this time, it is advised to research a bus route to Bermondsey or even book a taxi.

The hearty and warm atmosphere around the site before the sun rises, with bargain hunters searching through the stalls with their torches is certainly worth it. Make sure you grab a coffee and bacon sandwich from the onsite catering van, delicious as well as essential fuel for a morning of antique hunting at the Bermondsey Market. 

Bermondsey Market © jitka hynkova
Bermondsey Market © jitka hynkova

Bermondsey Market: A Spot for Genuine Antiques

Bermondsey Market is one of the few markets in London where the majority of items are genuine antiques. The traders are true experts and they are well known for giving honest advice and will refrain from pressuring sales. The cockney chirpiness is evident and even as an English visitor you will be surprised by the ‘London’ feel. Looking through hand-crafted jewelry and furniture, each with its own unique story to tell, the Bermondsey market is one of the most special and hidden away treasure trove for antiques in the Big Smoke.

Although there are not a great number of stalls at the Bermondsey Market, there are hundreds of high-quality items at reasonable prices. A lot of what can be discovered here is often seen in other markets throughout London for inflated prices. If you are a flea market junkie and a keen bargain hunter, Bermondsey Market is definitely the place to be.

Professional antique dealers frequent Bermondsey Market knowing it is the best place to find high-quality antiques and very interesting artifacts and every visitor who makes a bargain deal will understand why they keep it a secret. You will find timeless antique china alongside Victorian photos, rare furniture with mystic engravings, and perfect retro decor for your home. And if you are in the market for glassware, these age-old streets will certainly also provide..

Around Bermondsey Market

Once you have finished your treasure hunting, the streets around Bermondsey Market have a large number of artisan bakeries and restaurants available to enjoy a relaxed dinner in. Jose Tapas comes highly recommended for a cozy getaway and newly opened French bistro Casse-Croute excels in high-quality dining.

There are also a number of small, exquisite breweries waiting to quench your thirst. These are a definite must for any beer fan as the wide variety of different craft beers and local real ales is breathtaking  You cannot find a fresher taste, so make sure to sample these rich hoppy delicacies.

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Bermondsey Market, with its unique, laid back and super-friendly atmosphere, is a treat to explore for simply everyone. But also serious antique collectors and passionate flea market enthusiasts can be confident of returning home with something special. So don’t forget – the early bird catches the worm!

Where: Bermondsey Square, Southwark, London SE1 3UN, UK
When: Every Friday from 6 am to 2 pm