Discontinued: San Francisco Really Really Free Market (RRFM)

*DISCONTINUED* – The Really Really Free Market has been discontinued. Go to our article about the best flea markets in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Have you ever picked up something you found on the sidewalk? Or save your neighbor from throwing away something useful? The Really Really Free Market is some kind of a “potluck” for whatever you want to give or take away. You can swap ABSOLUTELY everything from shoes to skills.

Everybody brings something to the table, whether it be a skill, idea, object, or discussion, and comes out of it with not just new stuff, but ideas and talents as well.

Bring usable items, food, skills and talents to give for the sake of giving.

San Francisco - Really Really Free Market - RRFM

The Really Really Free Market is scheduled to happen the last Saturday of every month at Dolores Park, moving to an indoor location in the winter. As this is a very DIY event, schedules and locations may change, so check their website ahead of time for any last-minute updates and make sure that you don’t miss out on swapping some banana bread for a bongo lesson.

Remember: This is a very DIY event and locations and dates sometimes change

Address: Dolores Park, 19th Street, and Dolores Street, San Francisco, CA
Schedule: DISCONTINUED Last Saturday of Every Month 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM | Cost: FREE
Web: reallyreallyfree.org