10 Beloved Vintage Toy Cameras under $90 USD


Getting the top-quality shots to record family portraits and events is important. But obsessing over these details in your photographic work may lead to falling into a creative funk when it comes to the artistry of photography. Therefore, a fresh shooting experience is sometimes welcome, to allow you to benefit from the creativity that photography can offer.

Vintage toy cameras allow photographers to pay attention to almost none of the technical aspects of a shot. Shooting film in a plastic body with a fixed shutter speed and few other controls means you will be concentrating on composition alone. And, if you’re looking for other creative tools to fuel your artistic fire, you should know there are lots of unique, innovative cameras on the market today that allow you to shoot in new and interesting ways.


If for some people toy cameras marks their first foray into the exciting world of analog photography, others consider Lomography devices trusty, go-to cameras despite having a huge camera collection – which sometimes include some of the best gear there is.

Whatever the case may be, toy cameras will always hold a special place in the hearts and shelves of analog photographers everywhere, quirks and all. Here is our selection of 10 Beloved Vintage Toy Cameras under $90 USD which made a dent in the history of Lomography.

Cover picture by lomography.com