10 Beloved Vintage Toy Cameras under $90 USD

Lomography ActionSampler ($37.00) & Oktomat 35 mm film camera ($69.95)


Lomography’s next entrant into the world of toy cameras debuted during the 1998 Photokina convention: the unique, multi-lens maven ActionSampler.

Featuring four lenses arranged in a quadrant, the ActionSampler splits each 35mm frame into a series of four sequential images in a single frame. Inside the plastic body, a few springs turn a full circle when the shutter release button is pressed. The total exposure takes 1 second, with each lens being opened for just a quarter of that time. The result is four frames on the same negative.

Not content with just four frames, the ActionSampler eventually evolved into the Oktomat, which utilizes the same four-lens concept, but with eight lenses on the front of the camera.


With one touch of the shutter button, the Oktomat‘s 8 tiny lenses fire in turn, creating a multi-frame mini photo vignette. A lomographic camera that begs experimentation and creativity, the multi-frame format of the Oktomat captures movement in interesting, pop-art ways.

The ActionSampler and the Oktomat were not conceived for static portrait sessions, like a passport camera, but for action. Shots featuring movement are encouraged, since blurring is usually part of the intended effect!

Because theActionSampler and the Oktomat lack any type of control – no focus, no exposure settings and no real control over framing – shooting film with both cameras means you will be concentrating on composition alone, therefore enabling you to look for an artistic say in a different way then you would normally do with an SLR.

ActionSampler: from $37.00 on Amazon

Oktomat: from $69.95 on Amazon