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San Francisco Bay Area Flea Markets (top 10)

San Francisco Really Really Free Market (RRFM), San Francisco

Have you ever picked up something you found on the sidewalk? Or saved your neighbor from throwing away something useful? The Really Really Free Market is some kind of a “potluck” for whatever you want to give or take away. You can swap ABSOLUTELY everything from shoes to skills.

Everybody brings something to the table, whether it be a skill, idea, object or discussion, and comes out of it with not just new stuff, but ideas and talents as well.

“Bring usable items, food, skills and talents to give for the sake of giving.”

The Really Really Free Market is scheduled to happen the last Saturday of every month at Dolores Park, moving to an indoor location in the winter. As this is a very DIY event, schedules and locations may change, so check their website ahead of time for any last minute updates and make sure that you don’t miss out on swapping some banana bread for a bongo lesson.San Francisco - Really Really Free Market - RRFM

Remember: This is a very DIY event and locations and dates sometimes change

Where: Dolores Park, 19th Street and Dolores Street, San Francisco, CA
When: Last Saturday of Every Month 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM | Cost: FREE


  1. Glenn David Whisler

    Just a small correction on your article about Treasure Island. It did not host the 1930 World’s fair, it was actually specifically built to host the 1939-40 Golden Gate International Exposition, which is often referred to as a World’s Fair, but it isn’t exactly the same thing.

    • Hi Glenn, thanks for highlighting this! We strive to provide information as accurate as possible in our articles. And this correction is very much welcome. I’ll update the content of the article with your input. Thanks again for your watchfulness.

  2. RhinestoneGrrl

    The Alemany Flea Market is The Worst flea market for first-Sunday garage sale day non-regular vendors. They charged me $45 and I didn’t sell a single thing because it was DEAD.

    And not only was it dead, the few people who DID come to buy at this flea market are
    at best cheap, and mostly just rude: There are the old men who look at
    everything you have on display without responding to your “hello”, and
    then don’t buy anything. There are the obnoxious Mission hipsters who
    ask you for your best price, then offer you half that, then decide to
    pass on it anyway. There are the Mission moms toting around 17 children
    who balk at the idea of paying over a dollar for anything, mess up your
    entire display, and then try to haggle with you even after you’ve told
    them your final price 6 different times. And finally there are the
    other vendors: a toothless band of chain-smoking obsessive junk
    collectors who are convinced that their 30-yr-old amplifiers are still
    worth $250, and that anything old is therefore valuable, despite the
    obvious depreciation of anything cracked, seriously worn, smelly,
    discolored, or otherwise marred from the environment of the dumpster out
    of which they pried their “priceless” merchandise!

    Worst of all?? The women’s restroom was out of order, and the porto-potties were GROSS.

    I LOVE flea marketing, both as a vendor and customer…but this one is a pass for me. I wouldn’t waste my time here as a vendor OR a customer!

    • Hi RhinestoneGrrl, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! Well, a flea market like Alemany can hardly compete against other big names like Alameda or Treasure Islands (or the Rose Bowl flea market if you’re brave enough to drive all the way down to Pasadena). That is the reason why we put it at the end of the list. But Alemany is nonetheless worth mentioning, as it is a prominent figure on the Bay Area flea market scene. But we totally understand your frustration. And remember, you’re not alone: flea market merchants and buyers are pretty much the same anywhere in the world ;)

  3. orbi

    Hello Everyone – I live in the city and happy and willing to drive to a flea market that might have blacksmithing tools and equipment. Any suggestions?

  4. Curt

    I sold my stuff at the first Sunday garage sale at Alamany last month. They charge $45.00 per space and I got two because I had so much stuff. I started selling at 6:30am and sold out of just about everything by 1pm. Your not going to get rich here but you can unload your stuff for a nice profit instead of donating it to a thrift store. I clean out my garage and sell here every 4 or 5 years and usually clear over $500.00 and I don’t ask for more than $20.00 for any item. There are lots of $2.00 and $5.00 sales. Highly recommended.

  5. Stephan

    Great to read this all. Going to SF in late April´18.
    Looking for whiskey articles such as old bottles, advertisment etc. Any idea where to find it easyly.
    Stephan from heidelberg, Germany

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