second hand furniture app
second hand furniture app

Flea Market in Your Pocket: 3 apps to sell and buy vintage Furniture and Home Decor

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You have recently set your eyes on a beautiful Meredew chest of drawers while flipping through a magazine and you’re now wondering how you could find and order this item of furniture online? Or maybe you have a Papasan chair that doesn’t quite fit in your living room anymore and you’d like to sell it?

After the apps dedicated to selling pre-loved and vintage clothing online, the best apps for second-hand trade in Europe and in the US, here are 3 smartphone apps that you absolutely need to check out if you want to trade pre-owned and vintage furniture.

Chairish Home Decor and Vintage Furniture

Chairish is a really stylish app with a minimalist design, great navigation features, and a name that is made to stick to your mind for sure. The main strengths of the app lay in its well-curated content, the clear and bright photographs, and the easy to use sorting and filtering functions, that make each search a pleasure.

The items submitted for sale on Chairish, systematically need to be approved by the website’s curators. That way, you can be sure that most items on Chairish are really good finds. As a matter of fact, Chairish features top brands like Knoll, Drexel, Eames, and Chanel, and style including mid-century modern, contemporary and vintage, with new listings uploaded to the site every day.

If you are a seller, the whole process is quite simple as well: like many other equivalent apps on the market, you just need to take a couple of pictures of the piece you’re trading, describe it briefly and set the price. And that’s it! The Chairish team will then take care of uploading it to their website, and curating it. Last but not least,Chairish offers a great amount of exposure as it constantly shares new listings on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Installs: 10,000 – 50,000
Compatibility: iOS
Size: 34 MB
Language: English

Trove Marketplace

Trove is a second-hand marketplace that makes it easier than ever to buy, sell, barter, and discover preowned, restored, and vintage furniture and home decor items in the community, all on a simple mobile sales app.

The Trove interface is rather minimalist: a search and filtering functions, a 2-column layout with large photographs, and a simple header. Trove uses your location to show you interesting classifieds items for sale from your neighbors, boutique stores, antique shops, and artists, but it doesn’t disclose it to other users. In the app itself, buyers and sellers can chat with one another and bargain on the price, without revealing their email address or phone number.

What makes Trove special vs other apps on the market, is that you can ask other community members for décor ideas or organize a poll to figure out which item would best fit your interior. Simply create a Quiz and have fellow buyers and sellers participate in your quest for the perfect kind of furniture item, decoration, or style. This feature is fun and it helps create a sense of community and friendship, which other apps on the market may lack.

Installs: 10,000 – 50,000
Compatibility: iOS and Android
Size: 46 MB
Language: English, Spanish

Move Loot

Move Loot is a pretty easy to use app, with an interesting concept. While with other apps, merchants are responsible for shipping the items (or having the buyer come over to pick it up), Move Loot is a full-service marketplace. This basically means that the items are picked up directly at the seller’s location, and are stored in a warehouse for up to 60 days while waiting for a buyer.

If within 60 days the items haven’t been sold, it is returned free of charge to the seller. Move Loot is therefore very convenient for sellers, as it does all the heavy lifting so they don’t have to worry about all the other boring bits of the selling experience.

The app also provides tips in order to improve each listing, like for instance, how to photograph your items in the best possible way (up to 4 photos can be uploaded for each item). Last but not least, the Daily Picks and Designer’s Corner showcase a variety of ideas from the website’s curators.

Installs: 1,000 – 5,000
Compatibility: iOS and Android
Size: 26 MB
Language: English