ceramic tiles walls floors 2
ceramic tiles walls floors 2

5 Inspiring Tile Decor Ideas To Give Your House A Vintage Look

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Ceramics is one of the most ancient industries on the planet, dating back as early as 24,000 BC. Once humans discovered that clay could be dug up and formed into objects by first mixing with water and then firing, the industry was born.

In the 13th and 14th centuries, Europe’s churches were paved with decorated tiles. Holland was an important center for tiles in the 17th and 18th centuries, making Delft world-famous as the place of characteristic blue-and-white earthenware. And in the 19th century, in the middle of the industrial revolution, Britain pioneered mass-produced tiles. The trend at the turn of the 20th century toward more sanitary hygiene led to the use of ceramic tile in kitchens and bathrooms. Even subways were lined with ceramic tile!

While tile decor followed a downward trend with the advent of modern construction material in the second half of the 20th century, it is nowadays making a comeback in our homes.

And although some people may be tempted to forget that vintage tile décor for homes is still available, given that most spaces in the modern world make use of what is popularly called contemporary décor, they remain a wonderful material to give a house a vintage look. As a matter of fact, homeowners can truly benefit from using vintage décor as it provides a welcome difference from most workspaces that use straight lines, neutral colors, and open spaces.

Tiles are some of the tools that can be effectively employed to give homes that feel of the past. Like for instance, the few décor ideas below that can utilize tiles to give homes a vintage look.

Vintage-Look Wall Tiles

One of the great ideas for making a home has a vintage tile decor is to make use of wall tiles that give the appearance of vintage wallpaper.

Tiles of specific patterns and designs that look like the wallpapers that were popular especially in the 1960s and before can be utilized. These tiles will have unique floral patterns, romantic faded vintage colors, and sometimes even distressed finishes. When fully installed and complete, these tiles will offer a warm charm to a home.

Use of Actual Vintage Floor Tiles

In most flea markets, actual vintage tiles can be bought. Depending on the locale, a variety of vintage tiles of different origins such as Chinese, French, Spanish, and Portuguese (known as “azulejos”) can be found.

Floor and wall tiles that were used in the 1960s and before can be re-utilized to provide vintage warmth and charm to any home. In some cases, the vintage appearance can be achieved by using wall tiles on the floor. If well implemented, wall tiles on the floor will give a home the magic vintage charm.

Intricate and Detailed Tile Finishes

Another great idea to boost a home’s vintage look is to make use of wall and floor tiles that have intricate and detailed patterns and designs. Detailed patterns have their origins in vintage wallpapers and flooring.

This idea of vintage tile décor for the home will require investment in time for research of the best patterns to adopt. Using wall tiles on the floor with these harmonized designs and finishes can improve on the sought vintage look.

Vintage Ceramics for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are part of the home that can easily be modeled to adopt a vintage look and feel. This is especially easy because vintage white ceramic bathroom tiles are still easily available in the market. This is even made better by the fact that manufacturers of these ceramic tiles have developed means of making colors look faded, furthering the vintage look.

There are other options available for vintage bathroom finishes other than ceramic look. A mixture combining vintage look designs and patterns can still be utilized to achieve a bathroom vintage look.

Vintage Redbrick

Red bricks have been in use for centuries by many cultures. When used indoors, red bricks give a look of being from that glorious past. There are tiles in the market that give this vintage redbrick look. Many home décor consultants advise the use of these redbrick tiles sparingly. Using redbrick gives a home a rugged look from the past.