flea market in Australia1
flea market in Australia1

Fernvale Country Market

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The small country town of Fernvale is normally a peaceful and quiet area 60 km from Brisbane. With a wealth of fresh air, playgrounds, and picnic tables, locals and campers enjoy the solitude away from the busy cities and stressful work life. Every Sunday morning however things change in Fernvale with the peace busting Fernvale Country Market. Cars park up from over a kilometer away from the local Primary School as people from all over the state descend in a  bid to buy fresh produce, arts and crafts, or dig up a rare antique that’s been locked away for years in a garage.

Fernvale Country Market offers a true blue insight into the suburban world in Australia. Before you even walk into the gates you find pick-up trucks outside selling live chickens and sometimes even puppies. The market has been operating since 1988 and you can still feel a twinge of its original vibe in the air. Like most country markets there are a number of stalls selling fresh local produce and delicious homemade jams.

Having grown considerably in size and appealing to more and more visitors each week, there are now a great number of second-hand stalls where the vendors offer everything and anything. Fernvale Country Market is a real trash or treasure place and with its interchanging sellers and items, there is always something new to discover.

The vendors here sell anything from old books and records to antique and ornate homeware items. Some of the products on display require a little TLC but for the prices, you purchase them for this is a small if not meaningless issue. Vintage coat stands and post-war rocking chairs are an easy find. Search deep in the boxes of seemingly random items and unearth a magical treasure. Handcrafted early century pocket watches alongside Victorian costume jewelry dazzle and sparkle in the sunlight.

Six things to watch out for at Fernvale Country Market

Make sure you visit one of the wonderful cafes around the site for refreshments. The meals are cooking using products you find in the market and offer a fresh and satisfying taste.

Fernvale Country Market is well known for not having an endless supply of cheap and imported goods. You can find genuine high-quality antiques here if you look hard enough so be prepared for some hard work. You will be duly rewarded.

Arrive as early as you can. Due to a lack of parking spaces, latecomers are often required to take a long walk. The market opens at 6 am and wraps up at midday.

If you want to spruce up your garden, there is a regular stall at Fernvale Country Market selling beautiful and high-quality fruit trees. Known to be the cheapest in the area they are definitely something worth looking out for.

No visit to Fernvale Country Market is complete without a trip to the world-famous Old Fernvale Bakery. People flock to this local institute to taste their award-winning pies. There are over 100 varieties to choose from and one bite will show you exactly why it is so popular.

Where: Fernvale Country Market, Fernvale State High School – 1605 Brisbane (Australia)
When: Sunday: from 6 am to 12 pm