diy Halloween costumes flea market finds
diy Halloween costumes flea market finds

7 Vintage-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, and chances are you’re still yet to decide on a truly spooktacular outfit. There is no need to go out and buy a brand new costume – just follow our DIY tips. With these imaginative ideas, you can transform your vintage threads into a show-stopping look, ready to scare the socks off everyone! But if you are running out of time to put a costume together, there is no shame in buying a few props online – we have included a few useful links below.

1. ‘Zombie Pin-Up Girl’

Want to look creepy yet chic? Team a high-waisted pencil skirt with a button-up blouse tucked in. Add some prominent waves to your hair with the help of a curling iron. Dig out a patterned sheer scarf to wrap around your neck, or tie above your head. For the zombie half of the outfit, cover exposed skin in light grey/green body paint. Don’t forget to paint your face too, making it as scary as you wish. If you want an extra splash of color, finish the look off with a bold pink or red lipstick.

2. ‘Axe-Murderer Lumberjack’

Every vintage store always has an abundance of good quality checked shirts and full-length denim dungarees. In fact, most vintage fiends already have these fashion staples firmly rested in their wardrobes. This outfit is simple, effective and original. All you need now is to get hold of an axe (preferably not a real one), a stick-on mustache (unless you’re already sporting some impressive facial hair) – or, better yet, a full-grown beard, and of course a lot of fake blood.

3. ‘Mutant Popeye’

For this sailor outfit, you’ll need to get your scissors and thread out. Sew gold buttons down a black collar shirt, then make a belt using strong yellow material and an old buckle. If you don’t already have a pair of blue cotton trousers, you’ll easily find a pair in a vintage store or flea market. Scour markets for a sailor hat and vintage pipe. For the finishing touches, draw an anchor on your forearm with a black marker pen, use face paint to transform into a mutant, and don’t forget your prop – a tin of spinach! Alternatively, buy a Popeye costume online, and style it with some vintage accessories.

4. ‘Woodstock Ghost’

This totally 70’s inspired outfit is funky and full of flower power. You can be quite imaginative with this costume. Simply dress up as a hippy with the help of tie-dye t-shirts, flared trousers, headbands, wigs, and “John Lennon” glasses – all easy retro finds. Cover any exposed body parts with white body paint to look like a ghost, and there you have it. Peace man!

5. ‘Danny Zuko Werewolf’

Danny Zuko is a character from the popular film Grease, which takes place in a 1950s high school. Zuko was rarely seen without his leather jacket, massive quiff and accompanying hair comb. Delve into your established vintage collection and find a pair of straight-leg jeans and a black leather jacket. Wear a tight-fitting t-shirt in black or white and a pair of low top converse. To give the outfit it’s much-needed scare factor, put on a werewolf mask and draw some extra hair on your arms.

6. ‘Cursed Pirate’

For this outfit, you’ll need a white ruffled collar shirt and a pair of black pinstripe trousers. Search vintage boutiques for some knee-length flat boots and a pirate hat. You can easily make your own eye patch with some black cloth and string. Smudge dark eye shadow around your eyes and place a fake parrot on your shoulder. Ahoy there, you have an arr-mazing outfit!

7. ‘Victorian Schoolboy Vampire’

This is easily the creepiest costume on the list. There is something eerily spooky about children in horror films, especially school children. You’ll have no trouble sourcing an old school blazer and tie in any flea market or vintage store. Cut a pair of trousers just above the knee for a classic schoolboy look and wear a simple white shirt. Get hold of some vampire’s teeth, fake blood, and white face paint to turn yourself into a vampire. And make sure you stay away from daylight!

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DIY Vintage Halloween costumes using flea market finds
DIY Vintage Halloween costumes using flea market finds