Car Recycling Couch 002
Car Recycling Couch 002

50 Ideas to Recycle An Old Car into a piece of furniture

Cars are a big part of people’s life. They are a commodity of course, and sometimes a way to express one’s social status. They can be a working tool, or an entertainment product that allows us to escape our day to day life. And in some cases, they can be a(n expensive) collection item like these Vintage Cars Found After 50 Years In A Barn, Worth At Least Million” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>60 vintage cars found in a barn in France, and worth at least million – you can call it investment too.

But they do all have one thing in common: they carry a huge emotional baggage. Memories of family times and holidays, that sense of respect and trustworthiness when you were given or inherited your first car, the remembrance of people who used to drive that car and are now long gone, the feeling of being free once seated behind the wheel.

Some people are so emotionally bound to their car, that the very idea of sending it to the scrap yard is unacceptable. Upcycling a car into a piece of furniture, is therefore a good alternative to keep your beloved “titine” near you a little bit longer (I cannot but help associating this idea to “Taxidermy for cars”…). And this love and stubbornness sometime give birth to real pieces of art. Here are our favorite 50 Ideas to Recycle An Old Car Into A Piece of Furniture.

Cars Recycled as Office Desks

A day at the office is not always fun, and cubicles are overrated. I’m pretty sure that with such an office desk, I’d call sick less often…

Cars Recycled as Couches

Chilling out at home is pretty cool. But chilling-out-at-home-in-an-upcycled-car is much, MUCH cooler.

Cars Recycled as Beds

Forget about setting the alarm clock: you’d never manage to get out of that kind of bed anyway.

Cars Recycled as Barbecues

No way your neighbor’s BBQ beats any of these…

Cars Recycled as Garden Containers

Why would you need a garden, when you can have an upcycled “garden-VW””?

Miscellaneous Car Recycling Ideas

Because they’re sorted as “miscellaneous” does not mean that this upcycling ideas are not genius too! I have to say that, as a coffee fan, the car engine espresso machine got all my attention…


As you will have probably noticed, most recycling ideas listed above highly relied on “decommissioned” cars made by Volkswagen (Beetle & Type 2 Minibus), BMC (Austin Mini) and  Mercedes. All three brands have massively produced over the course of almost half a century, relatively affordable desirable cars, with a timeless design.

What about you? Is there a particular brand or car type that you would love to upcycle and showcase in your home? And how would you re-purpose it (bed, couch, BBQ, garden container, desk, other)? Feel free to use the comment section below to share your (crazy) ideas!