A guide to antiquing in Canada


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Whether you’re visiting Canada or living there year round, be advised that spring and summer are the best time of the year to go antique hunting from coast to coast in the “Great White North”!

Most dealers in Canada have been stocking up for the tourist season and when the weather is so pleasant like it usually is in spring and summer, it’s fun to take a picnic and drive down country roads from Quebec to British Columbia, stopping at yard sales, flea markets and local shops to search for treasures.

From the East coast to the West coast, here are some of our favorite provinces in Canada to enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

Bonus: Canada’s flea markets on a map!

You can now visualize the best flea markets and antique fairs in Canada, on a map! Not only have we included all the flea markets and antiques shows featured in this review, but we’ve added to the mix some of Canada’s most acclaimed antique fairs (OntarioQuebec, and British Columbia). Just click on the image below to access our map feature for free, or scroll to the table of content below to browse flea markets and antique stores in Canada by province.

flea markets and antique shops in Canada



  1. Barbara

    Do you have a phone number for David Brown in Montreal? I’ve been unable to find him in the phone book – are you sure he’s still in business? Thank you.

  2. d farnan

    Very dated for Toronto (april 2012) A good number of the stores mentioned are closed or relocated. Many missing areas of the City: queen and roncesvalles; st. lawrence antique market, queen east. And this is the largest City in the country….

    • Nicolas Martin

      Thanks for your input! We are actually working on a map of the top flea markets in Canada which will be used as an update to the article “A guide to antiquing in Canada” we wrote already a while ago. Please don’t hesitate to share with us some of your addresses and flea marketing tips; we will makes sure to display them on our flea market map for Canada. Here is our email: fleamarketinsiders[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. Dave Alexander

    Re Ottawa entry………just outside Ottawa (Carleton Place area) is the best antique store in the Ottawa Valley, they have been in business for twenty some years and deserve a look, you will be impressed. they are called Log Farm Antiques and they should not be missed………amazing prices and broad selection. Dave

  4. Pickering Markets has a great antiquing section. Actually, there have been many production companies in town filming television shows or films that go directly to the antique market for period pieces. It’s a gold mine in there! Outside of the antiquing, it’s one of the most diverse marketplaces in Ontario that’s filled to the brim with small local businesses. It’s quite a unique place! Check us out at http://www.pickeringmarkets.com

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