A guide to antiquing in Canada

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Embarking on an antiques adventure in Canada offers an unparalleled journey through time and history, set against the backdrop of the country’s breathtaking scenery. Spring and summer are the best seasons for this quest, offering not only ideal weather conditions, but also the opportunity to explore Canada’s rich tapestry of local antique markets, charming yard sales and quaint shops full of hidden gems. As the snow melts and the days grow longer, antique dealers across the country begin to unveil their carefully curated collections, amassed during the quieter winter months in anticipation of the bustling tourist season.

Imagine leisurely drives along scenic country roads, from the historic richness of Quebec to the breathtaking natural beauty of British Columbia, each stop offering a unique glimpse into the past. These explorations are not only about the thrill of the hunt, but also the joy of discovery, finding those rare and significant pieces that tell a story or complete a collection. Whether you’re a seasoned antiquarian or a curious newcomer, Canada’s diverse provinces offer a treasure trove of antiquing opportunities. From east to west, this guide aims to uncover the best antiquing destinations and ensure that your search is as rewarding as it is fun. So pack a picnic, gather your fellow treasure hunters and set off to discover the antique wonders of the Great White North.

Bonus: Canada’s flea markets on a map!

Now you can see the best flea markets and antique shows in Canada on one map! Not only have we included all the flea markets and antique shows in this guide, but we’ve also added some of Canada’s most famous antique shows (Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and more). Simply click on the image below to access our free map feature, or scroll down to the table of contents below to browse Canada’s flea markets and antique shows by province.

flea markets and antique shops in Canada