Flea Markets in LA

Best Flea Markets in LA

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It is no surprise that a trendy county like Los Angeles has an abundance of flea markets and antique shows. While we know that choice is something that vintage enthusiasts absolutely adore, we can understand that there is such a thing as too much choice. That is why we have selected eight of the best flea markets in LA.

The people who frequent these markets are just as interesting and fashionable as the secondhand goodies on offer. Shoppers travel from all over the United States to find amazing products and red-carpet-style inspiration at the hottest and best flea markets in LA.

As always with our flea market reviews, we have carefully selected the best local flea markets that feature only the finest antique and vintage products. So we skipped all the swap meets and farmers’ markets and focused on the really good stuff.

Enjoy our list of the best flea markets in LA for antique and vintage shopping in the Golden State!

#1 Flea Markets in LA: Rose Bowl Flea Market

More than 2,500 merchants gather each month at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena in one gigantic swap meet. The Rose Bowl Flea Market is without a doubt the largest and most influential flea market in LA, and on the West Coast!

The Rose Bowl Flea Market takes place on the second Sunday of every month and truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re searching for antiques, collectibles, vintage clothes, and shoes restored furniture, handmade crafts, ceramics and glassware, music, prints, and paintings, you will find everything and more at this behemoth vintage shopping event.

Best Flea Markets in LA: View of Rose Bowl flea market

More than 20,000 flea market enthusiasts flock to the Rose Bowl Flea Market every single month. And judging by the number of celebrities visiting it, it is the place to be and be seen. The Rose Bowl Flea Market is on the bucket list of all vintage lovers, so it’s no surprise it is one of the best flea markets in LA.

Where: 1001 Rose Bowl Dr, Pasadena, CA91103, CA US
When: Second Sunday of every month: 09:00 – 16:30
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#2 Flea Markets in LA: Melrose Trading Post

The Melrose Trading Post is a vintage, antiques, art, and collectibles market held once a week in the car park at Fairfax High School. Nearly 200 eclectic vendors gather at this space to showcase their selection of antiques, vintage clothing, records, furniture, plants, quirky treasures, and eclectic knick-knacks.

Though it is not as big as the Rose Bowl flea market, the Melrose Trading Post gathers nonetheless every week between 3,000 to 4,000 attendees. And since the Melrose Trading Post flea market is actually a fundraising event for Fairfax High School, shoppers are basically doing a good deed while flea market shopping (keep that in mind when haggling…).

Best flea markets in LA: View of Melrose Trading Post flea market

Admission is $3 which is not bad at all compared to the $9 visitors have to pay at Rose Bowl. Plus, the Melrose Trading Post flea market happens on a weekly basis instead of once a month. This popular LA flea market is consistently listed as a ‘top LA destination’ by a number of tourist websites and travel publications.

Where: Melrose Avenue 7850, CA USA
When: Sundays: 09:00 – 17:00
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You can also find a detailed review of the Melrose Trading Post on our flea market directory online at fleamapket.com

#3 Flea Markets in LA: Long Beach Antique Market

The Long Beach Antique Market is home to 800 vendors spread out over 20 acres. Sieve through mid-century finds, Victorian treasures, and vintage memorabilia at this flea market which takes place on the third Sunday of every month.

The hosts, Lynn and David have been running the flea market at Veterans Stadium since 1892. They enforce a ’20-year rule’, so you are safe in the knowledge that those 50s-era Pyrex bowls aren’t fake reproductions.

Best flea markets in LA: View of Long Beach Antique Market

One of the many reasons that this flea market stands out from the rest, is that they have real restrooms! Customers don’t have to mess around with unhygienic portaloos when nature calls. This market is a must-visit. It’s full of genuine vintage artifacts, has a sunny seaside location and the atmosphere is buzzing!

Where: East Conant Street 4901, CA USA
When: Third Sunday of the month: 06:30 – 14:00
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#4 GCC Swap Meet (permanently closed)

Held in the parking lot of Glendale Community College, this flea market is full of old-school junk and bric-à-brac oddities. The GCC Swap Meet in Los Angeles usually opens on the third Sunday of every month.

Sprawled out over 70,000 square feet, there certainly is a lot of space for an impressive choice of second-hand goods and antiques. If you’re looking for mid-century ornaments, retro clothing, and vintage homeware such as old-fashioned radios, dial phones, and soda siphons.

Best flea markets in LA: View of GCC Swap Meet flea market

The prices are very reasonable and admission is free! It is known that some dealers set up earlier than the suggested 8 am start – if you get there at 7 am or even 6 am, you will most likely discover a lot of vendors ready and raring to exchange their vintage wares.

Where: 1122 East Garfield Avenue, Glendale, 91205, CA USA
When: Discontinued
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#5 PCC Flea Market

Situated on the Pasadena City College campus, the PCC flea market attracts customers from all over Los Angeles. It takes place on the first Sunday of every month, and entry is absolutely free.

With more than 400 vendors, customers are guaranteed to find something to tickle their fancy. An entire section is dedicated to vinyl records, keeping die-hard music fans pleased. Rummage through old-fashioned toys, Victorian odd ends, shabby chic furniture, and kitsch 50’s style accessories.

It’s common knowledge that with most flea markets, sellers will often pack up early. However, at the PCC flea market pretty much all of the sellers stay put until 3 pm, in fact, some will stay even longer. Shoppers never feel rushed or stressed, PCC flea market boasts a very calm and relaxed shopping atmosphere.

Where: CC-105, 1570 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, 91106, CA USA
When: First Sunday of every month: 08:00 – 15:00
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#6 Santa Monica Airport Antiques & Collectibles

Forage through stalls showcasing stylish second-hand clothing, couture fashion, silverware, original vintage posters, and hand-painted pottery. The Santa Monica Airport outdoor and antique collectible market has been noted as one of the top flea markets in the whole of the United States.

They open on the first and fourth Sunday of every month. The admission fee varies depending on which day and time customers arrive, check out our full review for more information. This market is very pet-friendly, so you can bring your dog along for the ride!

Some customers claim that this market is overpriced, however, the selection of quality products is impressive and certainly worth the admission fee. The Santa Monica Airport antique and collectible market is definitely worth visiting.

Where: 3050 Airport Ave, Santa Monica, 90405, CA USA
When: First Sunday of every month: 08:00 – 15:00, fourth Sunday of every month: 06:00 – 15:00
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#7 Topanga Vintage Market

Topanga Vintage Market showcases the very best of LA in restored furniture, handmade gifts, unique jewelry, and collectible toys. No wonder why Architectural Digest, LA Times, LA Daily News, California Home+Design, and CBS Local have labeled Topanga Vintage Market one of the top sources for vintage among Los Angeles flea markets!

Hosting 180 of LA’s best vintage, antiques, and collectibles dealers, Topanga Vintage Market is a not-to-be-missed eclectic open-air market where flea market enthusiasts are almost guaranteed to find some treasures.

Topanga Vintage Market happens on the 4th Sunday of every month (not necessarily the last Sunday, as some months have five Sundays). At this market, you can find stylish vintage garments, music instruments, upcycled furniture, mid-century accessories, collectible toys, shabby chic furniture, and eclectic vintage costume jewelry.

Entry is just $3. Veterans and children under 12 are admitted for free. It is advised that customers arrive earlier rather than later, as items sell like hotcakes at this market! As well as an abundance of vintage vendors, Topanga Vintage Market also has local artisans, food stalls, and even live music. Making it the perfect day out for the whole family.

Where: Pierce College, Victory Blvd at Mason Ave, Woodland Hills, 91306, CA USA
When: Fourth Sunday of every month: 08:00 – 15:00
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#8 Venice High Flea Market

Venice High flea market is exactly what a flea market should be, low-cost, laid-back, and full of intriguing items. Unearth rare vinyl records, engraved silver cufflinks, and postcards with views of California in the 1960s.

Located in Venice High School in Los Angeles, this flea market is arranged by the Gondolier Booster Club, a not-for-profit organization that supports the students and faculty of the school. It takes place on the second and fourth Saturday of every month. Admission and parking is absolutely free.

It’s worth noting that hardly any of the vendors accept cards, so make sure you withdraw cash beforehand. Another interesting piece of information – all of the exterior shots from the famous 1970s film Grease were filmed at Venice High School!

Where: 13000 Venice Blvd, Venice, California
When: 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month: 09:00 – 16:00
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