Christmas gifts ideas 2
Christmas gifts ideas 2

27 Christmas Gifts with a Vintage Touch


Sweaty, impatient crowds. Overflowing car parks giving way to dizzying lights and music. Undeserving children screaming demands at parents and fake Santas: It is absolutely stunning how effectively any shopping mall has the potential to turn the merry Christmas season into hell on earth. And no one really likes enduring this painful annual ritual.

These past few weeks we’ve been Christmas shopping for you, to help you find that great holiday gift idea! From your boyfriend to your dad, from your sister and mum to your kids, we got you covered with this roundup of the perfect gifts for every person on your list.

We believe that this list might be crucial to you for two reasons: One, any person on your list will want this stuff even if he/she doesn’t know it yet (and yes, that includes you). Two, shopping online now will spare you from the gauntlet that is the festive shopping crowds between now and Christmas Eve. So grab a mug of something hot and boozy, pull up a seat and get your Christmas shopping with a vintage touch done the smart way