Flea Markets in Spain: the 20 best Spanish flea markets (2014 update)

Flea Markets in Seville

Seville is city filled with charm and joy. It has lots to offer not only in terms of culture and history but also in terms of entertainment and fun. There are lots of options available for shopping in Seville from high end stores to flea market.

However as per your wish here are the flea markets in Seville which are definitely worth visiting.

Seville flea market

Mercadillo de los Jueves – Seville, Spain

The Mercadillo de los Jueves flea market is located in the heart of Seville. You will find a large variety of things at this flea market, like paintings, photographs, postcards, used books, general bric-a-brac and many collectibles. This open air street flea market is one of the oldest markets. It is also great destination for good deals.

Here is a snippet: Mercadillo de los Jueves is considered as the most colorful flea markets in Seville. This is an open air street market that started many years ago. It has stalls that include used books, postcards photographs, paintings, overall bric-a-brac and other collectible stuffs. This street market is appealing for those individuals who love people-watching since the place is also intended for people who have an eye for great deals.

Mercadillo de los Jueves flea market is located in the heart of Seville, in Feria, Alameda Hercules. It is accessible to the public every Thursday, from 07:00 in the morning until 15:00.

Where: Center of Seville, in the Calle Feria area
When: Thursday – 07:00 to 15:00


Mercadillo de la Alameda – Seville, Spain

The Mercadillo de la Alameda flea market is a very popular market in Seville located in the historic city center. Here in the large open air flea market you can find a large number of interesting things Spanish dolls, clothing, fruit and vegetables,flowers and even some antiques. This huge, al fresco street flea market in Seville is packed with a broad array of fascinating objects such as flowers, fruits, vegetables, clothing, Spanish dolls and some antiques as well.

Located in Plaza de la Alameda, Mercadillo de la Alameda is a famous street flea market in Seville each morning and sits in the eminent city center. This street flea market is open each Sunday of the week, from 7:30am to 3:00pm.

Where: City Center, Plaza Alameda de Hércules, Seville, 41002, Spain
When: Sunday – 07:30 to 15:00image

Mercadillo Filatélico – Seville, Spain

 Located in Seville’s historic center the energetic Mercadillo Filatélico flea market is an antique lover’s paradise. You can find here good deals on variety if stuff like old coins, stamps, postcards and other collectibles. This outdoor street flea market is a busy location during Sunday mornings as many collectors gather in search for good deals.

With stamps, antique coins postcards and other collectible objects for sale. This thrilling street flea market is held in the historic city of Seville. Mercadillo Filatelico is open every Sunday, from 8am to 3pm.

Where: Historic center of Seville, Plaza del Cabildo, Sevilla, 41001, Spain
When: Sunday – 08:00 to 15:00

Mercadillo del Duque la Magdalena – Seville, Spain

The Mercadillo del Duque la Magdalena flea market is located in the Arenal area of Seville. This flea market focuses on fashion, accessories and general items.This is the place to go if you want to find fashionable handmade jewelry, hats, scarves, bags, leather goods, sunglasses, soaps and perfumes. And in the winter the flea market becomes a hot destination for Christmas shopping.

This Seville craft flea market is full of stalls selling jewellery, fashion accessories, sunglasses, perfumes and a wide variety of other items. During the Christmas season, the market expands and is a great place to find gift ideas. There are also many interesting shops near to the market.The Mercadillo del Duque la Magdalena is located in the Arenal area of Seville.

Where: Arenal area of Seville, Plaza del Duque / Plaza de la Magdalena, Seville, 41001, Spain
When: Thursday to Sunday – 10:00 to 21:00

Paseo del Arte – Seville, Spain

This weekend art flea market is staged beneath the Triana Bridge, on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. Visitors will find all kinds of local handicrafts, ranging from paintings and drawings, to ceramics and homemade soap, as well as traditional flamenco dancing, live Spanish music and further street entertainment.

The stalls can be reached via the Betis Street stairs or the Callejon de la Inquisición.

Where: Paseo Nuestra Senora de la O, Seville, 41010, Spain
When: Saturday and Sunday – 10:00 to 14:00


    • Hi Richard, sorry for the mix-up. The flea market located “near the central Post office and the Casino Granada” was actually the “Mercadillo para coleccionistas de papel y filatelia” (C/ Acera del Darro and C/ Angel Ganivet).

      The “general” flea market that actually offers a broader variety of antiques is indeed located in Calle Casería Aguirre as Rudger commented. The post has been updated with the new address.

  1. Marieke

    I went to Seville today, no market AT ALL!!!! Happy that all shops were open otherwise kids would have been more disappointed but NO WAY there was a market in the center of Sevilla (we went for the one at Plaza del Duque).

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