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The 20 Best Flea Markets in Spain

Flea Markets in Valencia

Valencia’s street markets are an important part of the city’s culture. Throughout the week the flea markets can be found in different area of the city. At these flea markets you can find a whole variety of objects on sale – from clothes to antiques to electrical goods to flowers.

One of Valencia’s most famous street markets is the Plaza Redonda market that takes place every Sunday (and also on public holidays) – see below.

The market has been taking place since the nineteenth century at the heart of Valencia’s old town – El Carmen. On sale here you will find music, paintings, books, plants, animals and leather goods. Also, if you are a stamp and coin enthusiast, head to the Sunday Lonja de la Seda Market – here you can watch collectors exchanging and bartering.


It is important to remember that the flea markets in Valencia do not have precise opening hours. However, they will all only take place in the mornings (normally closing around 13:00 or 14:00), so if you want to make the most of these markets, it may be worth having an early start.


Monday markets in Valencia

Algirós Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Actor Llorens, Calle Rugat, Calle Puebla de Farnals, Calle Luis Milán and Plaza San Felipe Neri

Ruzafa Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Barón de Cortes, Calle Padre Perera, Calle Dr. Serrano, Calle Carlos Cervera, Calle Cura Femenía and Calle dels Tomasos

Central Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Palafox, Calle En Gay, Calle Calabazas, Plaza del Mercado

Tuesday markets in Valencia

San Pedro Nolasco
Streets that the market is on: Calle Alamazora, Calle San Juan de la Cruz, Calle Milagrosa, Calle Nador, Calle Zeluán and Calle Ministro Luis Mayans

Jerusalen-Pelayo Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Convento Jerusalén, Calle Julio Antonio, Calle Ermita, Calle Estrella, Calle San Vicente, Gran Vía Ramón and Cajal, Calle Matemático Marzal

Nazaret Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Alta de la Mar

Wednesday markets in Valencia

Benimamet Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Onda, Calle Carpintero, Calle Alborache

Castilla Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle José Maestre, Calle Ángel del Alcázar, Calle Músico Ayllón, Calle Miguel Paredes, Calle Llombay, Plaza Mercado

Grao Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Abastos, Calle Santo Cristo del Grao

Mosen Sorell Market
Streets that the market is on: Plaza Mosén Sorell Valencia


Thursday markets in Valencia

Cabanyal Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Justo Vilar, Calle Marino Sirera, Calle Vicente Brull, Avenida Mediterráneo, Plaza Cruz del Canyamelar, Calle Rosario, Calle Martí Grajales

Torrefiel Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Alemany, Calle Monte Carmelo, Calle Libreo Esclapes, Calle Jacomart, Calle Músico Espí and Calle Santo Domingo Savio

Friday markets in Valencia

Benimaclet Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Rafael Tramoyeres, Calle Juan Giner

Malvarrosa Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Berenguer de Montoliu, Calle Lanzarote

Castellar Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Escultor Federico Siurana, Calle Aurora

Saturday markets in Valencia

Benicalap-La Parreta Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Miguel Servet, Calle P.F. Casanova Benlloch, Calle Sierra Martes, Calle Mirasol, Calle Tenor Lauri Volpi

Jesus-Patraix Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Beato Nicolás Factor

Pinedo Market
Streets that the market is on: Plaza Manuel Sigüenza, Calle Mosén Cuenca


Sunday markets in Valencia

Plaza Redonda Market
Streets that the market is on: Plaza Redonda

Weekly (Monday to Friday) markets in Valencia

Plaza de la Merced Market
Streets that the market is on: Plaza de la Merced, Calle Cedaceros Valencia

Gregorio Gea Market
Streets that the market is on: Calle Gregorio Gea and Calle Beltrán Báguena



    • Hi Richard, sorry for the mix-up. The flea market located “near the central Post office and the Casino Granada” was actually the “Mercadillo para coleccionistas de papel y filatelia” (C/ Acera del Darro and C/ Angel Ganivet).

      The “general” flea market that actually offers a broader variety of antiques is indeed located in Calle Casería Aguirre as Rudger commented. The post has been updated with the new address.

  1. Marieke

    I went to Seville today, no market AT ALL!!!! Happy that all shops were open otherwise kids would have been more disappointed but NO WAY there was a market in the center of Sevilla (we went for the one at Plaza del Duque).

  2. Alex

    Same thing as Marieke – there is no antique/ flea market at Alameda in Seville. We were there last Sunday and the stalls were offering solely artisan clothing and accessories.

    • Hi Alex, Marieke – Sorry that you went to this flea market for nothing. The Mercadillo “Charco La Pava” (which was previously known as “Mercadillo La Alameda”) has been transferred from the Alameda de Hércules to the Avenida Carlos III, alongside the Guadalquivir river. It takes place every Saturday and Sunday.

      The Mercadillo del Jueves also known as “Mercadillo de Antigüedades” (which takes place every Thursday from 7 am to 3 pm) in the Calle Feria, is also a good alternative to go flea market shopping.

  3. John rowe

    Does anybody know of any markets near Rosas ,on the coast east and north of Barcelona,I find it difficult to find antiques in Spain. Any help would be appreciated. John

    • Hi John, Roses (Girona) is a rather small city with a farmer market which takes place on Sunday, in Carrer Miquel Oliva Prat. However, you might want to try your luck in other localities in Girona. I found the following list of events:

      Resale Market Vilobí d’Onyar: Second Sunday of the month in the village of Vilobí d’Onyar
      Market Brocanters Coleccionismo of Figueres: Third Saturday of the month in the town of Figueres
      Market Leona: First and second Saturday of the month in the town of Girona
      Market Brocanters recycling: Every Saturday in the town of Celrà
      Resale Market St. Gregori: Fourth Sunday of the month in the village of Sant Gregori

  4. John rowe

    Hi thanks ,very helpful,we are in the area the third weekend so willsee how we get on,.I appreciate your help,regards John

  5. Larry

    I’m going to The southern part of Spain Granada and Córdoba. I was told that there is a flea market every Sunday morning is that correct?

  6. Ricky Saxena

    Hi Ashley, I would be going to seville, Barcelona and Madrid during July end – august beginning. Please could you recommend some great flea markets or stores mainly for action figures, toys and other movie/music collectibles

    • Hi Ricky, if you’re into action figures, toys and movie collectibles, I would recommend you the Feria del Juguete y Comics de Madrid, “La Estación” (Coleccionismo) y Feria de Modelismo Ferroviario. This flea market takes place at the Madrid Railway Museum . Pº Delicias 61 – 28045 Madrid, on the first Sunday of every month, from 10 am to 3 pm. You can check their facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/Feriadelaestacion-262733763932884/
      Unfortunately, it seems the last event took place on July 1st, and will resume in September…

  7. John Brice

    Hi. We’re near pallafrugall first and second week of September. Are there any interesting secondhand markets in the area (have car so can easily travel).

    Cheers, john

  8. Janet Gagen

    Does anyone know where we can find reasonable priced second hand furniture around Granada we are looking either an antique market auction house or second hand store! And suggestions please

  9. Jesmond

    I am looking for a warehouse store or contact selling unrestored quality Antiques, clocks etc, in Spain for a long buisness relation.

  10. Seval Guendogdu

    I’m mostly interested in bargain hunting for (vintage) jewelry and (vintage) fashion in a little warmer areas of Europe like South France, Italy or Spain (most preferably France) and am thinking about keeping the trip low-price by going around February (I live in Japan). Would you happen to know which areas would be good for this kind
    of shopping?

    Also, if I got your App would it also include thrift stores or second-hand stores?

    Thank you.

  11. felipe de gloria

    On Mallorca Spain a great all year every sunday 07:00 till 14:00 antiques market in the village industrial state of Consell…easy parking in walking distance

  12. Cecilia Brown

    We will be in Granada in very late November/2018. Are there any flea markets in the city that have old stuff, open that late in the year? Gracias

  13. Riso

    Hello, We are about to go to Seville from 18th -28th December and looking to visit a few flea markets. Would you know of any on then? We are ideally looking for ones where you can buy clothe for a Euro or two, maybe out of town ? Or maybe sales in houses/ flats? thank you in advance : )

  14. Peter Marsland

    Hello. Is the La Chana market in Granada a true flea market with second-hand bric-a-brac, or just a street market selling new items, like the widespread markets that most Spanish towns have once a week? It sounds like the latter.

    • Peter Marsland

      Having visited La Chana market I can now answer my own question. If you go looking for a flea market you will be very disappointed. It is just another run-of-the-mill Spanish street market selling cheap clothes and fruit and veg. There were a few second-hand clothes stalls, but that was it.

      • Hi Peter, thanks for sharing your feedback, and sorry to hear that La Chana wasn’t worth the trip (from an antiquing perspective). I’ve edited the article to reflect your input. Thanks!

  15. Sharon myers

    I’m looking for vintage fabric – ill be in Barcelona,San Sebastian and Majorca-any good markets for cloth?

  16. I am looking for best markets or places to find antique silver items? I am able to visit any time.Even damage silver items are accepted.
    Please assist me to find silver item trading vendors’ contact details if you are able. It’s really appreciated if there any vendor find this message and reply me to the [email protected] or connect with +94 77 6754817 any place through out the European region. Thanks !

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