Budapest c Andreas Lehner
Budapest c Andreas Lehner

Flea markets in Budapest (Hungary)

Zichy Mihály út 14 Flea Market (City Park Flea Market Budapest)

If you don’t have the time for Ecseri Piac, the next best thing is this Hungarian boot (garage) sale held next to the Petőfi Csarnok. The Zichy Mihály út 14 Flea Market is located at the City Park (near Heroes square). It does not make a big difference if you get out at Hősök tere or at Széchenyi Fürdő (both M1) and then walk a little bit through the park until you reach the Zichy Mihály út 14 Flea Market. This flea market takes place in some kind of a court surrounded with fences, as visitors have to pay a small entrance fee (150 HUF / $0.66 USD) to access the flea market.

The City Park flee market is pretty huge, as you might need around 2 hours to see all of it. This flea market has a lot of small items to offer like vintage clothing, jewelery and cameras (unlike the Ecseri Flea Market and the Erzsébet tér Flea Market which are more antiques & furniture oriented). This flea market also had a lot of boothes selling chocolate and drinks, so it has a mix of old and new stuff and market food. Is it worth going? Yes, definetely! The only thing visitors might complain about, is the lack of space to walk around comfortably between the booths.


Eventhough our perception of what makes a flea market attractive or not, might vary from one person to another, all in all you will see interesting things at every flea markets in Budapest. Some visitors might like the Ecseri Flea Market because of the variety & amount of items it has to offer, other might prefer the flea market at Erzsébet tér because it has a nice surrounding and its vintage mix. But in our opinion it is worth visiting every market, as you will definetely find something you like.

Where: Zichy Mihály út 14 (don´t be confused, there is also a Zichy Mihály utca) 1146 Budapest
When: Saturday and Sunday: 07:00-14:00