Flea Markets in New Jersey

Flea markets are one of my favourite past times. They provide a fantastic playground to explore and discover eccentric furniture and vintage trinkets, on a budget. Actually, there is just something magical about sifting through numerous bits and bobs to reveal beautiful items. I always have so much fun exploring and it’s a great activity for friends and family alike! But from my own experience, finding the right flea market which is made for you, can be a lengthy process. So my advice is basically to try and keep it interesting by visiting a handful of different ones!

America has an abundance of unique flea markets to investigate. But if you are looking in the Northeastern region, New Jersey is the place to go! Packed with local flea markets and lots of space to enjoy them in, flea markets in New Jersey never disappoint. And although New York has lots of flea markets, New Jersey has variety and space, not to mention a great atmosphere.

Whether you are looking for vintage clothing, antique furniture, local farm produce or forgotten jewelry, here is a round-up of the best and my personal favourite flea markets in New Jersey.

Golden Nugget Antique Market (Lambertville Flea Market)

Golden Nugget flea market is another one of my favorite flea markets in New Jersey. Its atmosphere is unbeatable and everyone is so lovely. There is such an array of different vendors and items for sale that you’re guaranteed to bag a quirky bargain.

Why I love it: It’s such a good place to go for lazy Sundays, and I know I will always unearth some hidden treasures. There is always such an interesting selection on offer that you will never go home empty handed.
When: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
Where: Golden Nugget Antique Flea market, State Highway 29, Lambertville, NJ 08530

Berlin Farmers Market

The Berlin farmers’ market started as a family-run business, with the owners selling their own livestock and farmers’ produce to the community. It is the oldest market of its kind in New Jersey and many of the vendors have been selling their wares for years. Since then it has exploded into a fantastic, spacious market with around 70 small businesses offering quality goods. It is both an indoor and outdoor market (weather permitting) and offers diversity.

People visiting this New Jersey flea market can buy fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, artisanal jewelry, second hand clothes, collectible items and furniture. Indoors there is a stall offering Amish baked goods and lots of small restaurants and food vendors. My favorites are the pretzels.

Why I love it: What’s not to love? It’s open most days of the week and has a huge selection of goods to sift through.
When: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Where: 41 Clementon Road, Berlin, NJ 1-856-767-1246

New Egypt Flea Market

This place is amazing. Not only is it a flea market, but it’s actually a whole village of a flea markets. All rooms are climate controlled and packed full of trinkets and vintage items. I would say this is a great place to find more obscure items, like rare electronics and hand crafted items. Many of the vendors are local artists and families that have been selling for years, so many items are original. And it’s not all antique items, some are actually brand new or nearly new. It’s a super diverse flea market and definitely worth investigating. See the full list of merchants operating at the New Egypt flea market.

Why I love it: There is free parking and the vendors are always so friendly and fun to talk to.
When: Sunday and Wednesday (although Sunday is the best day to go)
Where: 933 Monmouth Road, New Egypt, NJ 08533

Columbus Flea Market

Perhaps the most fulfilling flea market in New Jersey to visit is Columbus flea market. You name it, you can find it here. They literally have anything and everything from organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables to car parts and antique bits and bobs. Watch out for the heat of summer days as it can become overwhelmingly hot with the dark tarmac. There are vendors both inside and outside with lots of unique stalls and shops.

Why I love it: The unique collection of goods to look through is probably my favorite thing about this place.
When: Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (although Thursday is the best day)
Where: Columbus Flea Market, Farmers’ Market, Antiques and Collectibles Market, 2919 Route 206, Columbus, NJ 08022


  1. I’ve visited three of these markets over the years (Golden Nugget, Berlin, and Columbus) and vended at two of them (Golden Nugget and Columbus).

    Golden Nugget is the most vintage-y. In fact, it used to be strictly vintage and antique merchandise though a few years ago they loosened restrictions to allow more mainstream flea market vendors–don’t worry, antiques are still very well-represented. Wednesday is the best day there to find steals and deals as there are few savvy, professional vendors–pickers/dealers make up most of its crowd on Wednesdays. I agree, Sunday is the best day for shoppers as the place is filled with vendors and literally tons of old stuff at anywhere from very cheap to very expensive prices. Collectors with good bargaining skills, thickness of skin, and substantial bankrolls could do well there on Sundays and have a great time along the way.

    Columbus is very large and conveniently separates new merchandise from the used. As the author says, Thursdays is literally packed with vendors and shoppers and one of its biggest, and busiest, days each year is Thanksgiving Thursday. The market opens very early so long before returning home to watch football (American version) and eat turkey, thousands of shoppers scour Columbus Flea Market for finds. A vendor friend of mine never misses setting up there on Thanksgiving.

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