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Golden Nugget Antique Market - Lambertville, NEW JERSEY

Since 1967, the Golden Nugget has been a “gold mine” of an indoor/outdoor marketplace specializing in antiques, collectibles, art and more: Each week, thousands of savvy antique hunters and bargain hunters visit the Golden Nugget to find a variety of just about anything old or “new again”.

Some consider the Golden Nugget Antique Market the East Coast’s premier vintage and retro market and New Jersey’s best flea market. The list of vintage treasures you can find there is long and includes furniture & home decor, paintings, clothing, jewelry, Victorian collectibles, sports memorabilia, model trains, books, dolls, arts & crafts, toys & games, lamps, pottery, comic books, vinyl albums, vintage wall clocks, watches, glass, china, porcelain, garden items, coins, stamps, art deco, hardware and anything else you can think of that is antique or collectible.

In addition to finding the perfect gift for family or friends, one of the main reasons people shop there is to find decorative items for their homes. According to the organizers of the Golden Nugget Antique Market, the crowd of shoppers lately includes the faces of a younger and more diverse group of people. Young adults come to the Golden Nugget looking to mix store-bought items with a bit of their own nostalgia to create an eclectic mix of styles that reflect who they are now as well as where they came from.

It’s not uncommon to find your soon-to-be family heirloom here. Part of the excitement of the Golden Nugget is that anything can turn up at any time. Naturally, this attracts a type of shopper with a tendency toward addiction.

At the Golden Nugget Antique Market, most antique dealers are passionate about what they sell. Visitors sometimes rush from dealer to dealer, but please take your time. So much is missed in the rush, and if you are looking for something specific, be sure to ask. Most vendors have merchandise in other locations and may not have all of their items with them. Also, many may have different merchandise at different times of the year.

In addition to the unique mix of merchandise, the Golden Nugget Antique Market experience is enhanced by the friendly dealers who come weekly (some for over 30 years!) to sell a variety of wares. It is this chemistry that makes the Golden Nugget Antique Market such an exciting shopping adventure.

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Where: 1850 State highway 29, Lambertville, NJ (show on Fleamapket)
When:  Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday: 06:00 – 16:00
Phone: 609-397-0811
Read: Golden Nugget Antique Market listing on Fleamapket
Website: http://gnflea.com/