flea market Stockholm 2 Photo by Jesper Yu
flea market Stockholm 2 Photo by Jesper Yu

Flea Markets in Stockholm (2014)

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Interest in flea markets has grown stronger in Sweden in recent years. We’re not exactly sure what this has to do with, but probably something thats is linked to the long and hard economic crisis, in combination with the many interior design programs that filled the TV listings, as well as the widespread environmental thinking.

Stockholm has a pretty good selection of flea markets, although most markets in the city can’t compete with other flea markets you can find in Paris, Berlin or Rome.

Stockholm’s best flea markets

Flea Market Stockholm - photo by Tommy Feldt

Huvudsta Loppmarknad (Capitol Flea Market) is a huge indoor market located on Krysshammarvägen 34 in Solna . At Huvudsta flea market you can find everything from books and clothes, lamps and discs. If you want to know when the flea market organized, as someone at your hotel to call the organizers for you at 08-730 32 04.

The flea market in Vårberg Center is Scandinavia’s largest flea market with lots of clothes, gadgets, furniture, used engine parts, and more. Before the market moved to Vårberg in 2005 it was located in Skärholmens center. Location: center of Varberg. How to get there: Subway to Norsborg, stop Vårberg. When: Monday-Friday 11-18, Saturday 10-16, Sunday 11-16. info: www.loppmarknaden.se

Evening Flea Market in Botkyrkavägen: This flea market takes place in the summer evenings.
Location: Husmässan, Kumla Gårdsväg 24, Norsborg. How to get there: From Alby subway station or Tumba commuter rail station, bus 707, stop Segersbyvägen. When: Wednesdays through 15 August, at 17-20. info: www.botkyrkaloppis.se.

flea market Stockholm 3 - Photo by Jesper Yu

The Forum Hall of Smedbyvägen 1 in Åkersberga has lots of different goods for sale, primarily utensils and crockery. Call 08-540643 19 for information on opening hours.

Täby Flea market is probably Sweden’s most interesting boot sale (buying and selling things from tailgates to cars). Between early May and early October, the flea market is located on Täby Galopp (Taby Racecourse). At Täby flea market, you will also be able to buy candies, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Bakluckeloppisen flea market takes place under the roof of the Liljeholmens mall. Next openings in 2014 organized re set for February 9th, March 9th, April 13th and May 4th. Admissions are free for visitors.

Myrorna Skärholmen flea market: Myrorna Skärholmen is a great flea market for toys, books, children’s clothes and furniture. If you’re looking for a stroller without having to go broke because you don’t mind not buying a brand new one, then this is the right place to be. This shop is a favorite because of the supplies available. Unfortunately it is ridiculously expensive at times (especially some furniture). However, from times to times you can find some real bargains.

flea market Stockholm - Photo by Jesper Yu


Myrorna Hornsgatan flea market: Myrorna Hornsgatan flea markets mainly showcases clothes, but no furniture. I think what they do best, are toys (located in the basement). At the Myrorna Hornsgatan flea markets the toys are cheap and they often have some older vintage toys. You can also find some Christmas decorations when it is the season. They also have a great clothing department, as well as some glass and porcelain.

Erikshjälpen Spånga flea market: Erikshjälpen flea markets are absolute favorites, should they be in Spånga, Vårby, Gävle and Bollnäs. Erikshjälpen Spånga flea market has a good selection of items at a good prices. It is particularly famous for its furniture and toys. But it also offers a lot of clothes, home textiles, lamps, glass and porcelain. You can find for instance a 60’s design armchair for 20$ and shoes for 2$. Location: Skogsängsvägen 59, 163 41 Spångavägen. Tél: 08-36 88 20. Email: [email protected]

Erikshjälpen Vårby: Just like the Spånga flea market this flea market showcases furniture and toys. You can also find there a lot of vintage clothing, glass and porcelain. The range here is about as wide as in Spånga, but in Vårby they have a little less items.

flea market Stockholm 5 - Photo by Jesper Yu

Möjligheternas hus i Skarpnäck (Opportunity house in Skarpnack): This shop is famous for being cheap and offering a pretty decent selection of items, but has mixed quality of supply. It is best to visit this flea market on Thursdays, as they are open Thursday – Saturday and most interesting items are gone by Thursday evening. You can shop for instance for a I Emma-armchair for 8$, a 50’s watch in proslin with timer for 5$ and a floor lamp for 25$. They also have lots of books at a good price as well as clothes, lamps, glass and porcelain.

Bonus: Megaloppis i Solna (Mega Flea in Solna): Every once in a year this 2400 sq mega flea market takes place in Solna. Exhibitors sell absolutely everything from furniture, lamps, clothes, blankets, sheets, antiques, glass, china, toys, electronik. Admission costs 5$ but it’s worth it. Next Mega Flea in Solna will be on Sat February 1. 2014 from 10 am to 17.00 & Sun February 2. 2014 from 11 am to 16.00

How about you? Do you have a list of your favorite flea markets in Stockholm? feel free to leave a comment below!